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3 ½ Years, 1 Yacht- Still No Settlement

Written by Tom Crosley
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Crosley Law Firm is known for taking on significant personal injury cases, many pertaining to auto accidents and traumatic brain injuries, all while providing the best possible representation for their clients. A case in Corpus Christi, Texas, deviates from their normal cases, not in terms of the service provided, but in terms of the client represented.

Representing a boat dealership and its owner, a well-liked and respected Texas businessman, Crosley Law Firm took on a lawsuit involving an offshore fishing yacht. This yacht, valued at $750,000, began to develop problems as soon as it was dropped off: one of its twin diesel engines seized while at sea. This businessman/boat dealer brought warranty claims against the engine manufacturer and its affiliated service department right away — you don’t purchase a three-quarters-of-a-million-dollar boat and experience problems of that magnitude that quickly without doing something about it.

The defendants were well represented by a large law firm from Houston. Litigation had been ongoing for three and a half years with no offers of settlement from any of the defendants. Interestingly enough, Crosley Law Firm was not involved at the onset of this case; in fact, Tom Crosley was hired only two days before the actual trial began.

Immediately, Tom began pouring over the thousands of pages of documents involved in this complex case, working long hours to try to get this issue settled once and for all. Crosley appeared at the trial, picked the jury, and was actively involved throughout the court proceedings. On the third day of trial, Crosley was able to negotiate a settlement with the defendants that finally ended the litigation that had been pending since 2010.

“Tom Crosley did a phenomenal job,” said Martin Kroeshe, president and owner of Coastal Offshore, Inc., the boat dealership that Crosley represented. “He has a tremendous presence in the courtroom. He worked tirelessly, both inside and outside of the courtroom, to put together a settlement that all parties could live with.”

“Sometimes a case needs to be settled, but it takes a fresh set of eyes approaching the problem from a different angle to get it done,” said Tom Crosley. “The lawyers handling the case before I became involved had done a remarkable job sorting through a mountain of information. I am thankful that we were able to obtain a favorable outcome for everyone involved.”

This was definitely not the normal type of case that Crosley Law Firm takes on, but the tireless effort, the search for justice, and the conclusive results are all trademarks of the Crosley approach to every claim that comes their way. If you haven’t contacted Crosley Law Firm for a free consultation yet, do so today. We’ll review your case and help you decide what your best course of action is. Visit crosleylaw.com or call our toll-free number: (877) 535-4529.

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