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Cutting-Edge Tactics Result in a $16M Jury Award: Jerry M.’s Story

Feb 04, 2020

Jerry M. survived a horrific accident that could have been fatal. However, he was left with “invisible” injuries that, seemingly, no one could explain. This is the story of a man who desperately needed someone to dig deeper into his case and understand that something was seriously wrong, despite initial test results and outward appearances. […]

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Crosley Law Uses Advanced Mediation Tactics to Settle Cases

Jul 18, 2019

At Crosley Law, we prepare every case as if it’s going to trial. However, we also understand the power of alternative dispute resolution (ADR), methods that help people avoid a trial and resolve their disputes out of court. We have a history of using aggressive legal techniques and excel at ADR methods like mediation. Keep […]

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Six Months of Crosley Cares

Jul 02, 2019

With the start of the 2019 New Year, Crosley Law proudly launched the community service branch of our law firm, officially founding Crosley Cares. The brainchild of our Director of Happiness Ruthie Foultz, Crosley Cares was originally a client advocacy service offered because she recognized our clients needed support navigating the often-overwhelming processes involved in […]

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Minor Collision Causes Major Injuries: Betsy’s Story

At Crosley Law Firm, we handle a lot of personal injury cases involving car wrecks. In some instances, a devastating crash can result in severe injuries that ultimately heal, and the victim goes on to make a full recovery. The flip side is that we also see many collisions that appear to be minor but […]

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Complex Personal Injury Cases Require Dedicated, Resolute Attorneys

Occasionally at Crosley Law Firm, we acquire cases from other attorneys. Sometimes people make the deliberate choice to get new representation; other times, extenuating circumstances end up leading clients to our firm. In this case, our client’s former attorney became ill and could not keep up with his case load, and from the first day […]

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One Unsafe Turn: How One Car Accident Changed Lives Forever

Stan H. and Dale A. were heading to a high school football game in Kerr County, Texas in the fall of 2012. Although both of them were in their 50s and had jobs (Stan was a sales representative, and Dale was a home inspector and real estate agent), they devoted their spare time to officiate […]

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Crosley Law Firm Helps Retired Police Officer’s Family

Photo credit: daveynin / Foter / CC BY Since 2010, the Eagle Ford Shale region of southern Texas has become one of the most actively drilled areas for oil and gas in the nation. Because of all the development in the region, traffic has increased considerably, and there is now a significant commercial trucking presence […]

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Crosley Law Firm Reaches Settlement for Hand Amputation Victims at Commercial Bakery

In 2014, Crosley Law Firm, PC reached a confidential settlement for an undisclosed amount against Lone Star Bakery in two separate hand amputation cases. Pete Gonzales and Erik Salgado, the plaintiffs, were injured in March and May of 2011, respectively. Two different machines at Lone Star Bakery caused the damage and resulted in severe injury […]

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Settlement Reached in Lawsuit Against Driver Intoxicated on Hallucinogenic Mushrooms

This case involved what police called a “night of mayhem” in which a man ingested hallucinogenic mushrooms and got behind the wheel, causing several hit-and-run collisions. The plaintiffs of the case were represented by Tom Crosley and Charlie Gustin. The driver, Austin Hasten, rear-ended our clients in this case. Our clients were turning into the […]

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3 ½Years, 1 Yacht- No Settlement In Sight

Crosley Law Firm is known for taking on significant personal injury cases, many pertaining to auto accidents and traumatic brain injuries, all while providing the best possible representation for their clients. A case in Corpus Christi, Texas, deviates from their normal cases, not in terms of the service provided, but in terms of the client […]

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350 Lb. Wall-Mounted Cabinet Falls on Telecom Worker

Our client, a 42-year-old telecommunications worker, was injured when a wall-mounted telecommunications cabinet, weighing 350 lbs., fell on him, striking him in the head. Although the accident happened at Columbus AFB in Mississippi, our client’s crew was based in San Antonio, Texas.  The cabinet had been installed the previous day by Defendants’ employees. As a […]

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Client with “Mild” Brain Injury Secures Settlement Against Trucking Company

Our client, a 68 year-old school maintenance worker in East Texas, was running a work errand in a small pickup during the early morning hours. When he stopped to turn left into a bank parking lot, he was struck from behind by an 18-wheeler. The impact caused our client’s truck to travel several hundred yards, […]

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