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Indiana Jarryd and the Law Crusade

Jun 17, 2019 Client Stories, News, San Antonio Community, San Antonio Law
  1. 1. Maverick

Jarryd S. Morton may not look like your typical cowboy, but his journey to attorney at Crosley Law Firm is straight out of the western genre. A stranger from a small town, Jarryd came ridin’ into the southwest with little more than a bicycle and the clothes on his back, but with a strong calling to help fight for justice as a plaintiff’s attorney.  

Jarryd grew up in Walkerton, Indiana; an idyllic small town with only one stoplight and where it’s not always necessary to lock your doors. During high school, while working as a file clerk for an Indiana law firm that specialized in bankruptcy law, Jarryd gained some exposure to the legal profession. He enjoyed it so much that he continued to work for the law firm throughout high school and even after he and his twin brother graduated in the top 10 of their high school class.  


In the fall following his graduation, Jarryd studied Political Science at Wabash College in Crawfordsville, Indiana. Between 2010 and 2013, Jarryd continued working as a paralegal before deciding he was ready to enroll in law school.  

Jarryd recalls appreciating the challenges law school presented. He spent the summer between his first and second years of law school studying the difference between English and American jurisprudence in Cambridge, England. During this time, he backpacked from London to Istanbul, and around Europe and the Mediterranean. As a 2L, he participated in International Moot Court and traveled to Mumbai, India to compete. Later in his law school career, Jarryd would also travel to Israel for two weeks to study the Israeli/Palestinian conflict.  

However, while Jarryd excelled in law school, professionally he felt he could do more. The influx of bankruptcy cases was hitting a near all-time high due to the economic downturn in 2008, and Jarryd wanted to explore other ways of directly helping clients. So, in between his second and third years of law school, he decided to work for a personal injury law firm.  When he was not offered a position at the firm upon graduation, despite graduating 6th in his law school class, he went maverick.  

Headin’ Southwest

Jarryd needed a change. He decided to take the Texas bar exam with the hopes of being closer to his mother who lived near Forth Worth at the time. But, as luck would have it, after Jarryd applied for the Texas bar exam and all other state deadlines had passed, Jarryd’s mother called to say she was moving back to Indiana. So, Jarryd had a decision to make. Having only been to San Antonio once, and only for a few hours, Jarryd boldly decided to stick to the plan anyway and ride into San Antonio. 

But first, he would stop by Indianapolis on his way in and see his twin brother.  And as it just so happened, that very evening, there was a freak, flash-flood in Indianapolis and the car Jarryd was riding down to Texas in was totaled. Jarryd had another decision to make; so naturally, he chose to abandon the majority of his material possessions, and with the help of an uncle who happened to be passing through, Jarryd hitched a ride in his uncle’s car and only chose to take his trusted bike, his laptop, and a couple of necessary clothing items, and thus Jarryd continued to forge his way down south.  

Jarryd rode into the Alamo city on September 2016, barely knowing a soul. He reached out to the San Antonio Bar Association, and met its executive director, June Moynihan, who coordinated some introductions – one of which was with Tom Crosley. Jarryd’s bar results weren’t in yet, but Tom offered Jarryd a 30-day job interview with an offer pending passing results; Jarryd accepted, and the rest is history. 

Full Alamo-de

Part of what makes Jarryd’s story so compelling is its tie to the western genre; a stranger from a strange town comes in with little or no possessions, and a noble mission for justice. It’s a quintessential and vital form of the American narrative that is inspiring and timeless. And Jarryd’s story gets even better. Not long after moving to San Antonio, Jarryd would meet his future wife Brandee through the San Antonio Social Club. Two years later, they married and began living happily ever after.  

At Crosley Law, we recognize that it is the extraordinary people who work here that enable us to do great things for our clients. Jarryd is one of those extraordinary people. He cares about what he does, and clients love him. We are so glad that he rode into town on that fateful day three years ago, and we are even more grateful that he is a member of the Crosley Law team.     

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