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Morgan Evavold Is Crosley Law’s 2019 National Scholarship Winner

Written by Tom Crosley
Aug 15, 2019 Texting and Driving, Vehicle Wrecks
  1. 1. Meet Morgan Evavold
  2. 2. Morgan Experienced the Dangers of Distracted Driving Firsthand
  3. 3. Crosley Law Fights Against Distracted Driving

Crosley Law is excited to announce the 2019 winner of our National Distracted Driving Scholarship. Each year, our law firm awards one local and national incoming or current college freshman with a scholarship. In the past few years, our scholarship has focused on raising awareness for the dangers of distracted driving. Applicants were asked to submit an essay about their opinions and experiences with this national safety concern.

Keep reading to learn more about this year’s exceptional incoming college freshman and our scholarship programs.

Meet Morgan Evavold

This year’s national scholarship winner is Morgan Evavold from Underwood, Minnesota. Morgan graduated from Underwood High School last spring and will be attending Minnesota State Community and Technical College this fall. After earning her Liberal Arts and Sciences Degree (AA), Morgan plans to attend a four-year university with a concentration in Pre-Law and a minor in Business Management. When asked why she was interested in pre-law and what she wanted from her degree, Morgan replied that she, “hopes to become a voice for those who do not have one.”

“Morgan admits that, like many teenagers, she used to think she was invincible, that nothing bad would ever happen to her”

Besides excelling in academics, Morgan also shines on the basketball court and plans on playing at the collegiate level. In addition to basketball, Morgan likes spectating and playing a variety of other sports and any activity that lets her enjoy the outdoors. “And most importantly,” said Morgan, “I love being surrounded by the people who love me most.”

Morgan is a determined and hard-working individual — whether she’s in the classroom or on the court — and Crosley Law is pleased to award her with this year’s national distracted driving scholarship.

Morgan Experienced the Dangers of Distracted Driving Firsthand

Morgan admits that, like many teenagers, she used to think she was invincible, that nothing bad would ever happen to her — until the day a distracted semi-truck driver knocked her into a ditch.

On a beautiful summer Friday after coaching elementary volleyball, Morgan and her younger sister decided to grab a bite to eat at a local café. Morgan’s sister was driving and had just come to a stop at a four-way stop when a semi-truck broadsided them. Speeding and staring at his phone, the truck driver failed to turn sharply enough, hit the driver-side of the sisters’ car, and sent them sailing into a ditch. “At that moment,” said Morgan, “all those scary thoughts no one ever wants to think of were running through my mind.” What would this do to her parents? What if only one of them made it out?

Luckily, both Morgan and her sister escaped serious injury, although their car did not. A new driver, Morgan’s sister was emotionally scarred from the incident, and Morgan was also deeply affected. “It changed my life for the better,” she stated. “Ever since that day, my phone remains away from my hand while I am driving.”

Crosley Law Fights Against Distracted Driving

In 2018, distracted driving accounted for 18% of all crashes in Texas, resulting in almost 400 deaths and thousands of serious injuries. Distracted driving is an epidemic in Texas and across the country, which is why we have a scholarship available for national students, as well as local students here in San Antonio. We understand the dangers of distracted driving and are dedicated to spreading awareness and fighting for victims’ rights.

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