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Needles, a comprehensive case management software system that Crosley Law Firm uses to track claims and communicate with clients, has recently announced an upgrade for their software from version 4.8 to 5.0. Robert Soliz, Vivian Martinez, and Priscilla Pike from our office set out to Las Vegas, Nevada to attend a conference that showcased the new product and allowed Crosley Law Firm to receive and test this new version before the general public. A little over 300 attendees were at this conference.

Over the next few months, Crosley lawyers and staff will be testing this program in its alpha stage and looking for any potential software errors to make it the best possible system for case management it can be. After initial testing and feedback to the company, Crosley Law Firm will then receive the beta program, which will allow them to import existing cases from the current version while simultaneously operating the old version; this will ensure that the program is working properly before discontinuing the old version completely.

“We are always trying to streamline our processes so we can better serve our clients with more efficiency and accuracy. This new version of the program will really enhance that process so we can spend more time working with our clients,” Vivian shared.

Attending an out-of-state conference for a case management program may not seem like the best possible use of resources, but Crosley Law Firm is dedicated to providing the best possible service for their clients, and this new iteration of case management software will allow them to ultimately focus even more closely on clients and their cases. Robert explained that the new changes will make the program extremely user friendly, will make it easier to create reports, and will ultimately work for the benefit of clients.

Vivian summed it up nicely: “When most clients think of law offices, they picture filing cabinets full of papers and documents. With the Needles program, gone are those days. Everything is in Needles – client contact information, medical records, billing – everything is in one place, secure, and easy to access.”

New features include the option to hyperlink documents internally, the capability to communicate with other programs, and the ability to get ahold of a client via text and have the response directly stored in the Needles database. High levels of security are also in place, so our clients can be confident that their private information will remain private.

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