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After a lull in Bexar County’s coronavirus outbreak, our community’s confirmed cases began to increase again. More than 14,500 people have tested positive for COVID-19, and hundreds have required hospitalization. This spike, which extended statewide, has led to new restrictions and safety protocols.

Our clients’ and community’s welfare are a top priority at Crosley Law. We know that many of you are feeling anxious during these uncertain times. We’re still doing our best to fight for accident victims and get them the compensation they deserve, but we know you probably have a lot of questions right now. In this article, our team explains how San Antonio’s ongoing COVID-19 outbreak may impact the settlement value of your claim.

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Bexar County Is Facing a 6-Month (or More) Backlog of Jury Trials

In a June 29, 2020 order, the Supreme Court of Texas postponed all jury trials and proceedings until at least September 1, 2020. Texas’ courts are continuing to hold other types of hearings by Zoom. However, when the courts fully reopen, we will face at least a six-month backlog for jury trials.

Crosley Law has advocated for a first-come, first-served approach to the backlog, giving older cases priority over newer ones. However, it’s unclear what Bexar County’s courts will do. We are carefully monitoring this situation and keeping our clients informed.

Postponed Jury Trials Are Slowing Down Some Injury Claims and Triggering Unfair Insurance Company Tactics

At Crosley Law, we know that nothing encourages settlement like an upcoming trial date, especially when there’s a lot at stake for the insurance company. That’s why we prepare every case like it’s going to trial. (We also love litigating cases before a jury!)

We’re as frustrated with the COVID-19 lockdown as our clients. We know that behind every case number is a family that needs help. However, insurance companies are taking advantage of the shutdown and doubling down on their typical delay tactics. Nationwide, there’s anecdotal evidence that insurers are offering lower settlements, hoping that victims will give up their claims out of desperation and take less than they deserve.

Insurance company insiders are also arguing that there will be an increase in insurance fraud during the pandemic. They’re warning that adjusters will have to carefully review every claim since people are going to exaggerate their losses to compensate for shutdown-related financial losses. (Victims’ advocates have been able to show that reports of “insurance fraud” are often overblown.)

We’re anticipating increases in litigation and jury trials once we reopen, and we’re preparing our clients’ cases accordingly.

An Injury Lawyer With a Proven Track Record Can Make a Difference

Thankfully, you can fight the insurance company’s unfair tactics with help from an experienced injury attorney. When insurance adjusters calculate a claim’s settlement value, they do more than look at the value of your medical bills and lost income. They also consider other factors, like your attorney’s reputation and track record, jury trends in your community, and the strength of your claims.

“If an adjuster knows your lawyer will be ready to take your case to trial and has a significant history of success, they’ll be more likely to offer a fair settlement. Your lawyer will also help you build your claim, carefully calculating each and every loss you’ve suffered.”

If an adjuster knows your lawyer will be ready to take your case to trial and has a significant history of success, they’ll be more likely to offer a fair settlement. Your lawyer will also help you build your claim, carefully calculating each and every loss you’ve suffered.

Crosley Law Continues to Fight for Crash Victims and Settle Cases

At Crosley Law, we’re taking every precaution to keep our clients and team safe during the coronavirus pandemic. However, our diligence has not slowed us down. We’re still filing cases, preparing them for trial, and negotiating settlements. For example, one of our clients recently settled her car wreck claim for six figures.

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We’ve earned a reputation for our cutting-edge trial strategies, aggressive tactics, and commitment to our clients. Insurance companies know our history of record-breaking settlements and jury awards as well as our willingness to take cases to trial. When the courts fully reopen, we’ll be ready to go.

Crosley Law: Fighting for Injured Victims in San Antonio During Difficult Times

At Crosley Law, we’re committed to helping injured victims in San Antonio and Texas. We proudly represent our clients during some of their most difficult moments, and we have a remarkable track record of success.

If you or someone you love suffered injuries due to someone else’s negligence, call Crosley Law today at 210-LAW-3000 | 210-529-3000 or fill out our brief contact form. We’ll set up your free initial consultation so you can get expert legal advice about your situation at no cost.


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