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$850,000 Settlement

Client was passenger in an Uber when another driver ran a red light and struck the vehicleShe suffered a traumatic brain injury. We mediated a $850,000 settlement on her behalf; after paying her crash-related expenses, our client recovered $709,450. 

$825,000 Settlement

Client suffered a traumatic brain injury after being hit at an intersection. Mediation produced a $825,000 settlement. Our client received $412,029 after paying their expenses. 

$600,000 Settlement

family received a $600,000 wrongful death settlement after a fatal semitruck collision They got roughly $330,000 once they covered their crash-related expenses. 

$575,000 Settlement

After gathering piles of evidence and fighting for Zuleyma, Crosley Law Firm settled the case in mediation for $575,000, after attorney fees of 40%, and case expenses of 8.5%, Zuleyma’s net recovery was $296,032.07. Read Zuleyma’s full story here.

$400,000 Settlement

After fighting for Margaret and Ernest during the negotiations, the Crosley team secured a $400,000 settlement from the insurance company on their behalf. After attorney fees of 40%, and case expenses of 4.9%, Mr. and Mrs. O. received $226,000 from the settlement to pay medical bills and compensate them for their impairment, pain, and suffering. Read their full story here.

$210,000 Settlement

Our client sustains a broken wrist in a high speed intersection collision when a company driver fails to yield the right of way. Our client has emergency surgery and misses several months of work. After fees, case expenses and medical bills, our client’s net recovery is $108,721.We represented the widow and the estate who received a total of 51% of the settlement ($510,000). After attorney’s fees of 25%, and case expenses of 1%, the clients’ net recovery is $376,000.00.

$850,000.00 Settlement

After deducting attorney’s fees of 40% and case expenses of 5%, our client’s net recovery is $470,220.00. Crosley Law Firm filed suit against the trucking company and was able to prove that our client would likely require future hip revision surgery.

$290,000.00 Settlement

After a one-third attorney fee, and case expenses of .4%, our clients’ net recovery was $192,300. In a wrongful death case, a sanitation truck worker was struck and killed by a passing motorist.

$132,800.00 Settlement

After deducting attorney’s fees of 37.5% and case expenses of 2%, our client’s net recovery was $79,979. After proving through medical expert testimony that our client’s low back condition was made significantly worse as a result of the car crash.

Car Wreck Settlement

An automobile collision whose victim requires back surgery. There was a prior settlement, but we filed suit against Chubb Insurance Co. for underinsured motorists coverage benefits due to the at-fault driver not having enough insurance to cover the full value of the injury claim; this case results in a settlement.

Sizable Settlement

An 18-wheeler gravel hauler rear-ends an elderly pickup driver in a rural town causing mild traumatic brain injury; this case results in a settlement. Read full story here.

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