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Crosley Law Firm’s Attorneys Handle Construction Defect Cases

As the economy and housing market recover and more and more homes are built, the number of legal disputes regarding construction defects will invariably rise as well. In the case of construction defects, property damage is usually the primary concern; however, if you or someone you know are inside or even near a compromised building, faulty materials or workmanship can cause severe personal injuries as well. Whether someone is injured as a result of bad construction practices or not, people who have discovered a construction defect often become stuck in complex legal issues between insurance providers, contractors, manufacturers, sellers, and others. The attorneys at Crosley Law Firm, PC have years of legal experience, and we want to make sure you recover any damages you incur due to construction defects.

What Are Construction Defects?

Construction defects primarily refer to defects in design, workmanship, and/or materials in a construction project. In most construction defect cases, large construction companies who are contracted to build condominiums, apartment complexes, subdivisions, homes, and other structures cut corners, don’t vet their subcontractors, or violate building codes in order to save time and money or overcharge their customers. Thus, construction defects can include a wide range of things like water leaks, foundation cracks, using improper materials, structural failure or collapse, defective plumbing, faulty electrical wiring, insufficient firewall protection, and others. Water drainage problems and water damage are some of the more common and more devastating construction defects that people often discover.

Although fixing a construction defect may not be rocket science, especially to construction-savvy do-it-yourselfers, the legal issues involved in construction defect cases are complex, nuanced, and wide ranging. Contract breaches, common law, varying statutes of limitations, best practices, documentation, and a host of other knowledge, experience, and skill sets are required to successfully litigate cases where construction defects are involved. All of the attorneys at Crosley Law Firm are experienced experts who stay up to date on all the most recent changes to the law. We can help you.

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When Should I Contact a Lawyer?

Unlike the complicated legal issues surrounding construction defect cases, this question has a simple answer: contact a lawyer right away if you find something you think could be a construction defect. Statutes of limitations require that cases be filed within a specific timeframe, and your attorney will need to review every aspect of a claim in order to make the best possible case. Don’t hesitate to contact Crosley Law Firm; we offer free consultations – call us today at (877) 535-4529; you can even submit the details of your situation online for a free case review.

On the other side of things, many people are seeing the increasing trend of filing construction defect claims and may think it’s a good idea to try and cash in. At Crosley Law Firm, we recognize that many people involved in the construction process are hardworking independent contractors or small business owners who are trying to stay afloat in an economy that is still recovering. The last thing on your mind when you’re trying to keep your business going is dealing with a lawsuit, and many claims involving construction defects deal with jobs you may have done months, seasons, or even years in the past. When you know you did the best work possible, we want to make sure you have the best representation possible when you’re involved in a suit.

How soon should I contact an attorney?

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