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  1. 1. Bicyclist Fatalities Are Rising in Texas
  2. 2. Cyclists Sometimes Face Victim Blaming 
  3. 3. Common Bicyclist Injuries In Motor Vehicle Crashes

Cyclists are among our most vulnerable road users, and distracted and careless motor vehicle drivers cause hundreds of cyclist fatalities each year. In 2018, motor vehicle crashes killed 857 bicyclists in the United States – and many more face life-changing injuries.  

However, it’s not always easy to get the compensation and justice you deserve after a bike-car collision. At Crosley Law, our team includes devoted cyclists who understand the joy and risks associated with biking. We have handled hundreds of bicycle cases in Seguin and throughout Texas and are proud of our track record of success. 

Contact us today to schedule a free consultation to discuss your legal rights and options. Keep reading to learn more about bicycle crashes and personal injury claims. 

Bicyclist Fatalities Are Rising in Texas

In 2018, Texas reported 2,426 fatal bike-car collisions and a 26% increase from 2017. Nationwide, cyclist fatalities hit an almost 30-year high. While the cause behind this spike in cyclist fatalities is unknown, recent studies have been able to pinpoint common risk factors, including: 

  • 50-year-old males are most at risk of a fatal bike crash 
  • Non-intersections are more dangerous than intersections  
  • Urban areas have more cyclist fatalities than rural areas 
  • 37% of bicyclist fatalities involved alcohol consumption by at least one party 
  • 6 pm to 9 pm is the most dangerous time for bicyclists 

While nothing can guarantee your safety, we strongly encourage every bike rider to wear a helmet and follow San Antonio and Texas’s rules of the road. 

Cyclists Sometimes Face Victim Blaming 

Traffic laws exist to help keep road users safe, and bicycle laws are no different. But while your safety is the most important reason to follow all bike laws, it’s not the only reason. Whether you were obeying all bike laws at the time of your crash can impact your injury claim. If the opposition in your case can prove you disobeyed a bike law, they can decrease your compensation or refuse your claim altogether because you contributed to your injuries.

It’s not uncommon for insurance companies to point the finger at a bike rider, arguing that they ignored these rules and caused the crash. At Crosley Law, we know how to combat these tactics with expert witnesses, accident reconstruction data, and jury research. 

Common Bicyclist Injuries In Motor Vehicle Crashes

Throughout Texas and across the nation, you may see bikes painted white along the side of the road. Known as “ghost bikes,” these bikes serve as memorials for bicyclists who died in motor vehicle crashes. They also serve as a reminder to both cyclists and drivers to be careful and alert; bike-car crashes can have devastating consequences. 

Even cyclists who survive the collision can experience severe injuries and significant life effects. Common injuries for a bike-car crash can include: 

  • Bleeding in the brain (hemorrhages) 
  • Fractured skulls or teeth 
  • Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) 
  • Damage to internal organs 
  • Nerve damage (neuropathy) 
  • Broken limbs, ribs, and other bones 
  • Dislocated bones and joints 
  • Sprains and strains 
  • Road rash and lacerations 

While some injuries will heal completely over time, others cause permanent disabilities, resulting in a lifetime of therapy sessions, mobility concerns, and financial hardship. 

It is essential to consider the effect your injuries will have on your life when you determine the value of your injury claim. When you work with Crosley Law, we consider all factors and life effects when calculating your estimated damages. We fight to get each client the compensation they need and deserve for their injuries.

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