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Crosley’s Expertise in Brain Injuries

Tom Crosley’s docket includes numerous traumatic brain injury cases. Since 2013, Mr. Crosley has given legal education presentations for the state bar of texas and others on brain injury litigation. With clients ranging in age from newborns to 80 years old (and all ages in between), Crosley Law Firm has the experience to handle these scientifically demanding cases.

In one recent case, the firm represented a 46 year-old plumber who was knocked briefly unconscious during a head-on collision. His test results from the ER came back as “normal.” There were no obvious signs in the tests of a brain injury. However, over the ensuing months, his wife noticed alarming changes in his personality, memory, focus, and other areas that are affected by damage to the frontal lobe of the brain. The defense attorneys and insurance companies involved on the other side of the case disputed the injuries and claimed that there was no brain injury whatsoever.

Tom Crosley began a several-month process of painstaking research, reading over 70 scientific articles and abstracts concerning mild traumatic brain injuries. His research led him to have discussions with more than a dozen of the country’s leading brain doctors, including several doctors who had received grants from the federal government to study blast injury victims returning from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Ultimately, Crosley was able to get a research scientist to run cutting-edge testing on his client, which revealed the presence of a subtle, yet very significant, brain injury caused from the car wreck. Working with this top scientist and several other leaders in their respective medical and scientific fields, Crosley put together a comprehensive case that included over 40 witnesses. This case was one of the first in the country where this cutting-edge technology was admitted into evidence. The result was a resounding victory for Crosley’s client – one that provided the client with the financial stability to face the rest of his life with his injury.


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Commitment, Dedication, and Hard Work

In another recent case, we represented a two-year-old boy who suffered a severe injury when the seat in front of him collapsed into him during a collision, which resulted in a skull fracture. We assembled a team of a dozen leading brain injury experts from around the country to forecast this child’s future medical care needs. By the time the case was ready for trial, the child was in the first grade and was performing at grade level. However, we were able to show that, due to the areas of his brain that were injured, the child would likely have significant difficulty with higher-level brain function, such as executive functioning – brain functions that usually don’t come online until late adolescence and early adulthood. Again, using cutting-edge technology and doing our research allowed us to create an incredibly effective trial presentation. We retained doctors that specialized in the education of brain-injured children, pediatric brain injury rehab specialists, and some of the country’s leading experts in child brain injury. With the settlement we were able to achieve, a trust was established for the child that will provide for all of his future medical, educational, and living needs for the remainder of his life.

At Crosley Law Firm, we understand that winning a brain injury case, especially one where the injury is not outwardly visible, requires a completely different level of commitment, dedication, and hard work. With dozens of significant and high-profile brain injury cases under our belt, we stand ready to use our knowledge to the benefit of each and every client that we are fortunate enough to represent. We understand the complex medical fields, including neuroradiology, neuropsychology, neurology, injury rehab, and more, that are essential to effectively present one of these cases. Over the last five years, we have received many referrals from other lawyers asking us to assist or take over the handling of their cases involving head injury. We always appreciate the opportunity to work for a new client, whether we are hired directly or brought in by existing attorneys.

If you are concerned that your life, or the life of a loved one, has been impacted by a recent brain injury, please contact us. We are glad to review your case for free to help you understand what your options are. Please give us a call, or fill out the form here and we’ll get in touch with you.

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Client Story: Using Cutting Edge Science in a Traumatic Brain Injury Case

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