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Priscilla Pike

Pre-Litigation Manager

Priscilla Pike is the firm’s head paralegal. She manages Crosley Law’s pre-litigation department, which focuses on our representation of clients before a lawsuit is filed. In this role, she is responsible for overseeing the preliminary investigation on most cases. She is also responsible for supervising the other case managers in the firm and for giving the firm’s attorneys the best chance possible of settling our clients’ claims without the necessity of a lawsuit. Additionally, she is one of two employees responsible for maintaining the firm’s case management software, which helps facilitate tracking, monitoring, and achieving the desired outcomes for every case in a timely manner.

Priscilla Pike headshot

Ms. Pike has worked in the personal injury field for her entire career. She became interested in the field during high school when she worked over the summers in a personal injury attorney’s office alongside her mom, and she has been working in personal injury law ever since.

Ms. Pike has an excellent reputation at Crosley Law for keeping all of our clients up to date on the status of their claim. Her goal in every case she handles is to resolve it with professionalism, grace, and accuracy, and she most of all desires to help obtain a satisfactory outcome for each and every client. In several of the firm’s cases, Ms. Pike’s early investigation has uncovered vital evidence that later was used to win the case. For example, in several catastrophic vehicle crash cases, she was been able to track down security camera footage from nearby businesses to see if the crash was captured on video. In some of these cases, the video evidence uncovered by her has resulted in the investigating police officer changing his or her findings in favor of our client, and ultimately turning a losing case into a winning one!

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