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The stories on this page focus on cases that required the outstanding level of involvement, research, testing, and experience that you expect when you choose to work with Crosley Law Firm.

Julia G.’s Story

TBI Victim Gets Six-Figure Settlement

A car crash left Julia reeling and unable to find a doctor. Learn how Crosley Law helped her get the help and compensation she deserved.

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Joe H.’s Story

Our Reputation Helps a Crash Victim Get Fair Compensation

The insurance company took a hard line after Joe's crash because of his preexisting injuries and the at-fault driver's likeability. However, the company didn't expect Joe to call Crosley Law.

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Donna’s Story

Head-On Motorcycle Crash Results in a Complex Injury Claim

Donna was with her friend, Francis, on a motorcycle ride through Hill Country. As they enjoyed their ride, the unthinkable happened: a reckless driver veered into their lane and hit them head-on.

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Shalyn S.’s Story

A Mother Delays Treatment to Protect Her Child

A negligent driver severely damaged Shalyn’s neck. Unfortunately, Shalyn couldn’t undergo surgery due to a pregnancy. Learn how Crosley Law helped her.

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Brenda A.’s Story

Rear-End Collision Victim Gets Six-Figure Settlement

When a distracted driver caused a multi-vehicle crash, Brenda suffered serious neck injuries. Crosley Law helped her pick up the pieces.

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Michael and Jill P.’s Story

A Poorly Maintained Semi Changes a Family Forever

On his way home from the oil fields, a father violently crashed into a broken-down semi-truck that blocked part of a lane. Learn how Crosley Law helped his family.

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3 Reasons Why Doctors Pick Crosley Law for Their Injury Claims

Based on conversations with many of our clients, here are three of the top reasons why healthcare professionals pick our law firm after a car crash or another injury.

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Kelly B.’s Story

18-Wheeler Turns a Surgeon’s Life Upside-Down

Kelly was about to start work as a surgeon, but her life changed dramatically after a tractor-trailer rear-ended her SUV. Learn how Crosley Law helped her regain control.

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Kasandra’s Story

Protecting Her Children After a Head-On Hit–and–Run

While riding with an uninsured driver, Kasandra’s daughters were injured in a hit-and-run collision. Not sure what to do, she turned to Crosley Law.

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Our Latest Blog Articles

How to Talk to a Telehealth Doctor About Your Car Accident Injuries

Nov 25, 2020

As Texas grapples with COVID-19, many of us are wondering whether we should go to the doctor. Whether you’re worried about exposure to the coronavirus or using up valuable medical resources, we understand your concern. However, if you have injuries from a car accident, you must get the medical care you desperately need. People are […]

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6 Common Causes of Truck Accidents and How to Prove Them

Nov 19, 2020

After a serious truck accident, your friends and family will probably ask you, “what happened?” Many times, there’s no clear answer. Sure, the truck veered into your lane or jack-knifed, but what happened in the moments before the wreck? Could it have been avoided? What should you do next? At Crosley Law, we help answer […]

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Whiplash vs. Concussion: What’s the Difference?

Nov 18, 2020

Concussions and whiplash are two of the most common injuries during a car accident. Many of the symptoms of the two conditions overlap, including headache, neck pain, and concentration and memory problems. Since these injuries can appear similar, how do you get a clear diagnosis and the treatment you need? At Crosley Law, we’ve handled […]

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What Is a Personal Injury Claim? (And Other Frequently Asked Questions)

Nov 12, 2020

While you’ve probably heard the phrases “personal injury claim” and “personal injury lawyer” before, you may only have a general understanding of what they mean. Sure, they arise out of an injury, but what does a personal injury lawyer do, and what do these claims involve? At Crosley Law, we’re passionate about personal injury law. […]

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Why Is Drowsy Driving So Dangerous?

Nov 04, 2020

Drowsy driving is one of the most common (and underreported) causes of car accidents. While many of us understand the dangers of drunk or distracted driving, we don’t realize that fatigue and drowsiness carry a similar risk level. According to the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, one out of ten car crashes involves a tired […]

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Distracted Driving Involves More Than Texting on the Road

Nov 04, 2020

Driving on public roadways requires a great deal of attention, even if you’ve been licensed for decades and have a “spotless” driving record. However, today’s drivers are increasingly distracted by electronics, work, and their attempts to multi-task. Unfortunately, in the amount of time it takes to read a social media post or unwrap a sandwich, […]

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Herniated Disc Settlements: What Is My Case Worth in Texas?

Nov 04, 2020

Herniated discs. Bulging discs. Slipped discs. There are many names for this common, crash-related injury, but no matter what you call it, the effects can be life-altering. If you’ve suffered a severe spine injury and the insurance company offers you a settlement, you should consult a car accident attorney. Insurance adjusters frequently try to take […]

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Texas’ COVID-19 Jury Trial Recommendations: What You Need to Know

Oct 24, 2020

Before COVID-19, Texas courts heard approximately 186 jury trials each week. Between March 12 and August 28, 2020, there were only 20 jury trials heard in our state. Currently, there are thousands of cases waiting for a trial in Texas, and the number is growing every day. On August 28, 2020, Texas issued new recommendations […]

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