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The stories on this page focus on cases that required the outstanding level of involvement, research, testing, and experience that you expect when you choose to work with Crosley Law Firm.

Amanda and Jane’s Story

A Grieving Mother Clears Her Daughter’s Name

Jane needed answers after a reckless truck driver blamed her daughter for their fatal crash. Learn how Crosley Law uncovered the truth.

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Andrew’s Story

Crosley Law More Than Quadruples a Settlement Offer

After a car wreck left Andrew with a severe back injury, he needed to plan for his future. Learn how Crosley Law got him peace of mind.

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J.T.’s Story

Sophisticated Tactics Uncover a Trucker’s Negligence

J.T. was driving during San Antonio’s rush hour, following the rules of the road. As an 18-wheeler drove by, the semi veered into J.T.’s lane, sideswiping his sedan. Learn how Crosley Law negotiated a fair settlement for J.T.

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Andy B.’s Story

Two Motorcycle Crashes Complicate an Injury Claim

Back-to-back motorcycle crashes left Andy with a severely damaged spine and complicated legal claims. Learn how Crosley Law helped him rebuild.

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Julia G.’s Story

TBI Victim Gets Six-Figure Settlement

A car crash left Julia reeling and unable to find a doctor. Learn how Crosley Law helped her get the help and compensation she deserved.

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Joe H.’s Story

Our Reputation Helps a Crash Victim Get Fair Compensation

The insurance company took a hard line after Joe's crash because of his preexisting injuries and the at-fault driver's likeability. However, the company didn't expect Joe to call Crosley Law.

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Donna’s Story

Head-On Motorcycle Crash Results in a Complex Injury Claim

Donna was with her friend, Francis, on a motorcycle ride through Hill Country. As they enjoyed their ride, the unthinkable happened: a reckless driver veered into their lane and hit them head-on.

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Shalyn S.’s Story

A Mother Delays Treatment to Protect Her Child

A negligent driver severely damaged Shalyn’s neck. Unfortunately, Shalyn couldn’t undergo surgery due to a pregnancy. Learn how Crosley Law helped her.

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Brenda A.’s Story

Rear-End Collision Victim Gets Six-Figure Settlement

When a distracted driver caused a multi-vehicle crash, Brenda suffered serious neck injuries. Crosley Law helped her pick up the pieces.

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Our Latest Blog Articles

Parking Lot Crashes: Who Has the Right of Way (and Who Is to Blame)? 

Apr 06, 2021

 All parking lot car accidents are minor fender benders, right? Think again. Pedestrians and other vulnerable road users are often injured in parking lot crashes when a distracted or reckless driver breaks the rules. Unfortunately, many people don’t take parking lot safety seriously—or mistakenly think that Texas’ rules of the road don’t apply in parking garages and lots.  Our injury lawyers have helped many crash […]

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How Do I Prepare for an “Independent Medical Examination?”

Apr 05, 2021

If you’re involved in a car accident lawsuit or another personal injury claim, the insurance company might schedule an “independent medical examination” (IME) for you. However, these exams are rarely independent or neutral. Instead, the adjuster is scheduling your exam with a doctor they trust—one whose reports consistently favor the insurer and might weaken your […]

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Who Is at Fault in a T-Bone Car Accident?

Mar 22, 2021

T-bone car accidents are dramatic, dangerous, and common — which is why they are so often depicted in films and television. Yet, while these crashes can make for good entertainment, no one ever wants to experience one in real life. Common injuries from T-bone accidents include brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, crushed and amputated limbs, […]

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How Can I Find a Law Firm That Will Give Me a Good Client Experience?

Mar 17, 2021

Finding the right attorney to handle your car accident claim or personal injury case is an intimidating process. You want a lawyer with the experience, attention to detail, and confidence to properly help you navigate every step of your legal journey. But you also want a personal injury attorney who is committed to your best […]

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How to Sue a Trucking Company in Texas: Your Practical Guide

Mar 16, 2021

There were more than 39,000 commercial vehicle crashes in Texas in 2019. More than 15,000 people suffered injuries and at least 613 of them lost their lives. However, we know that truck wrecks aren’t about statistics—each of those numbers represents a story, a struggle, and a loss. That’s why Crosley Law’s personal injury lawyers focus […]

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Car Accidents and Broken Bones: How Much Is My Case Worth?

Mar 02, 2021

Broken bones are common during car accidents. The forces during a collision can shatter bones in our back, legs, pelvis, and other areas, causing pain and severe limitations. And while some broken bones heal relatively quickly, these injuries can also become complicated and lead to permanent disability. Our team of experienced personal injury lawyers helps […]

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Can I Get Compensation for a Knee Injury from a Car Accident?

Mar 02, 2021

Knee injuries from car accidents are one of the most common reasons people file personal injury lawsuits. There are three main reasons for this:  Our knees are especially susceptible to injuries in a car accident because they rest underneath or against the dashboard.  Knee injuries are often more severe than other injuries and can seriously impact our mobility.   Knee injuries often worsen over time and can even turn into life-altering […]

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10 Strategies That Will Help You Navigate a Brain Injury Lawsuit

Feb 18, 2021

Personal injury claims can feel overwhelming, even without a traumatic brain injury. However, a TBI adds an unwanted layer of difficulty to your case: memory loss, word-finding issues, and other symptoms can make a lawsuit feel impossible. Don’t give up. Instead, start taking little steps that help you regain control. At Crosley Law, we’ve earned […]

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