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The stories on this page focus on cases that required the outstanding level of involvement, research, testing, and experience that you expect when you choose to work with Crosley Law Firm.

Alejandro's Story:

Truck Crash Investigation Uncovers Shocking Rule Violations

Our client suffered severe injuries after being hit by a negligent trucker who had spent far too many hours on the road. We helped him get fair compensation and fought for better public safety.

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Brian's Story:

Winning Fair Compensation After a Complicated Medical Recovery

After an accident at a dangerous intersection caused significant damage to his shoulder and arm, Brian called Crosley Law. We helped him obtain a fair settlement that covered extensive medical bills through a long recovery.

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Carla's Story

Crosley Law Wins $1.95m for Injury Victim With No Vehicle Damage

A rear-end collision with a trailer hitch resulted in severe neck and back injuries—despite no damage to the truck. Learn how Crosley Law helped prove Carla’s case.

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Elena's Story

Crosley Law Helps Injured Warehouse Worker Win 60x Her Initial Settlement Offer

When a retail giant refused to pay an employee a fair settlement for a workplace injury, Crosley Law took her case to arbitration and won big.

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Matt D.’s Story

A Life-Changing Settlement After a Catastrophic Crane Accident

While “rigging down,” a crane ran over his feet on an oil field job site, Matt and his family needed experienced legal help. They found it at Crosley Law.

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Michael’s Story

Hard Work, Preparation, and Patience Pay Off After a Truck Accident

Crosley Law helped Michael overcome a dishonest truck driver and an insurance company’s hired gun experts to get the compensation he deserved.

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Margie's Story

Crosley Law Helps Young Mother Get Quick Policy-Limits Settlement

When a stubborn insurance company wouldn’t admit full liability, Margie called Crosley. We got her the max settlement, then helped her negotiate and settle her medical debt.

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Melissa’s Story

Winning for a Young Mom With a Complex Medical History

A young mother suffered a severe concussion and secondary complications after an accident, but her complex medical history threatened her legal case. This is Melissa’s story.

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Ramse’s Story

Crosley Law Helps One Family After a Young Man’s Life is Shattered

Ramse’s accident was catastrophic, and his injuries altered the course of his life forever. Find out how he and his family got the compensation they deserved.

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Our Latest Blog Articles

A woman sitting in a darkened room with her head in her hand.

Delayed Concussion Symptoms and Post-Concussion Syndrome Following a Motor Vehicle Crash: The Lingering Impact

Jul 12, 2023

Concussions are among the most frequent injuries brought on by car accidents. Unfortunately, sometimes even “mild” concussions can have disastrous effects. While many people fully recover from their concussion, a significant percentage (roughly 15 to 20 percent) still experience persistent post-concussion symptoms months or even years after the initial head injury. And because concussion symptoms […]

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Scans of a brain depicting a TBI and a woman looking over medical documents with a doctor

How Much Is My Traumatic Brain Injury Case Worth?

May 23, 2023

Few injuries have the ability to profoundly alter the course of someone’s life the way that a traumatic brain injury (TBI) can. Although every TBI is different, common symptoms include sleep disorders, memory loss, inability to concentrate, or even changes in personality. Skills you spent a lifetime acquiring might be gone. Relationships may be altered. […]

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A close-up of truck tires

What Causes Truck Tire Blowouts?

May 09, 2023

Imagine this scenario: You’re driving down the highway, about to pass a semi-truck. Suddenly and without warning, one of the truck’s tires explodes, causing the truck to suddenly veer into your lane. It may sound like a freak occurrence. But in fact, the stats show that tire blowouts happen with alarming regularity—especially for large commercial […]

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A private investigator with a camera photographing a car accident victim

How to Deal With a Private Investigator After a Car Accident

Apr 21, 2023

After a car wreck, you may feel like your every move is being scrutinized. Unfortunately, it may not be just your imagination. If you notice an unfamiliar car parked in front of your home, school, or workplace; or if you receive a strange friend request on social media, a private investigator might be tracking your […]

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An accident with a rear end collision

What Is the Average Payout for a Rear-End Collision?

Mar 13, 2023

You were stopped at a red light, minding your own business. Suddenly, a truck rear-ends you, pushing your car into the middle of an intersection. Now, you’re living with severe back pain and your doctors are suggesting surgery. Your car accident case is worth a lot of money, right? Maybe. The reality is, there’s no […]

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Overhead shot of a roundabout intersection

Who Is at Fault in a Multi-Car Accident in Texas?

Mar 09, 2023

After a multi-car accident, drivers and insurance companies often point fingers at each other, trying to shift blame to someone else. But if you suffered life-changing injuries, you deserve to know exactly what happened, which driver (or drivers) were responsible, and which liability insurance will pay for your medical bills and other damages. But getting […]

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Two people at a car accident scene looking at the damages and taking photographs

I’m Being Blamed for a Car Accident That Wasn’t My Fault—What Should I Do?

Feb 22, 2023

“My word against your word” scenarios happen all the time after auto accidents, especially when there are few other witnesses at the scene. Being accused of causing a car crash that wasn’t your fault can make you feel helpless and angry, especially when no one else is around to support your story. Getting blamed for […]

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A woman reviewing paperwork after a car accident settlement

How Long Does a Car Accident Settlement Take in Texas (and When Will I Get My Money)?

Feb 02, 2023

Car accident settlements are rarely quick and easy affairs. While some cases might settle in just a few months, 18 months is fairly typical—and others can last even longer. Although the facts of the case (and the obligations of the insurance company) might seem obvious enough to you, the settlement process will take some time—especially […]

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