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The stories on this page focus on cases that required the outstanding level of involvement, research, testing, and experience that you expect when you choose to work with Crosley Law Firm.

Unpredictable Car Accident

On a late September evening in 2015, Karen C. was minding her own business as she drove down a two-lane highway in San Antonio. As she cleared a hill, she slammed into a car that was stalled across both lanes. The collision was unavoidable, and it changed her life.


Unpredictable Car Accident

Becky was leaving work on a Friday afternoon looking forward to the weekend. Minutes after she started her journey home, she was completely stopped at a red light and felt an unexpected, severe impact to the rear of her vehicle. The other driver was not paying attention, did not attempt to brake, and was uninsured. Becky’s situation was further complicated because she was driving her boss’s car, not her own.

Unpredictable Car Accident

Priscilla was driving through a busy intersection and had a green light. Out of nowhere, she heard screeching tires and felt a sudden crushing impact to her vehicle. The other driver had run a red light and smashed into her. With mounting medical bills, a totaled car, ongoing medical care, and complicated insurance, Priscilla knew she needed help.

Unpredictable Car Accident

Until a recent spring afternoon, Karen L. was at the top of her career as a full-time massage therapist at the Hyatt Hill Country Resort in San Antonio. She was enjoying all the success that came with years of hard work until someone else’s carelessness took away her livelihood.

Trampoline Injury Attorney

It was the first day of summer in Houston and our 16-year-old client looked forward to an afternoon of fun and activity at Cosmic Jump, a local trampoline park. Instead, he fell victim to a hidden danger there that changed his life forever.

Car Crash Attorney

Although Errica never expected to get injured in a car crash, Crosley Law Firm helped her get through this difficult ordeal and built a lasting relationship along the way. Reflecting on her experience working with the team at Crosley Law Firm, Errica said that “every time I came to the office, they were smiling … it was like I was their only client.”

motorcycle accident

Initially, Mr. Hodge enlisted the services of a local personal injury law firm, however, after 10 months, they had yet to file a lawsuit. At this point, he decided to sever ties with that firm and enlist the help of Crosley Law Firm instead. Within 24 hours, Crosley Law Firm had filed suit against both the driver and the company for making a “sudden, unsafe, and illegal right turn from the left lane.”

san antonio car accident attorney

Personal injury cases often hinge not just on the facts themselves, but on the individual witnesses and attorneys who present those facts. Retaining an experienced team of experts can make all the difference in achieving a victory. Such was the case for Jill Conway.

Car Crash Attorney

Car accidents can have devastating effects on families. In 2013 alone, auto accidents in Texas killed more than 3,000, injured more than 200,000, and caused nearly $26 billion in economic losses. It can be difficult to find a place to turn when you find yourself suffering financial or medical hardships due to an auto accident. Just ask Elia L.

San Antonio Car Accident Attorney

A vital component of many personal injury cases is the use of expert testimony to dispute or support various elements of a claim. It certainly helps your case when the evidence is in your favor, but sometimes experts are necessary to add credibility to arguments and provide clarity concerning the relevant details of the case in question.

traumatic brain injury attorney

Crosley Law Firm client Brandy C., an associate professor at a community college, was doing yard work with her teenage daughter on a mild Saturday in San Antonio, Texas. Her van was parked in a safe, legal place in front of her house. Out of nowhere, an SUV careened into the van and pushed it over the sidewalk, pinning Brandy beneath the van, and resulting in severe injuries.

Texas Driving Quiz

On the afternoon of December 7, 2012, Chelsea G., a 22-year-old college student, suffered significant injuries after her car struck another motorist while passing through an intersection. Ms. C., a homemaker on her way to pick her daughter up from school, failed to observe a red light, and her vehicle was struck by Chelsea’s at a perpendicular angle. Both drivers required medical attention for their injuries.

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