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Success Stories

The stories on this page focus on cases that required the outstanding level of involvement, research, testing, and experience that you expect when you choose to work with Crosley Law Firm.

multi-car crash settlement

Rear-End Collision Victim Gets Six-Figure Settlement: Brenda A.’s Story

When a distracted driver caused a multi-vehicle crash, Brenda suffered serious neck injuries. Crosley Law helped her pick up the pieces.

crosley law

A Poorly Maintained Semi Changes a Family Forever: Michael and Jill P’s Story

On his way home from the oil fields, a father violently crashed into a broken-down semi-truck that blocked part of a lane. Learn how Crosley Law helped his family.

crosley law

3 Reasons Why Doctors Pick Crosley Law for Their Injury Claims

Based on conversations with many of our clients, here are three of the top reasons why healthcare professionals pick our law firm after a car crash or another injury.

truck wreck

18-Wheeler Turns a Surgeon’s Life Upside-Down: Kelly B’s Story

Kelly was about to start work as a surgeon, but her life changed dramatically after a tractor-trailer rear-ended her SUV. Learn how Crosley Law helped her regain control.


Protecting Her Children After a Head-On HitandRun: Kasandra’s Story

While riding with an uninsured driver, Kasandra’s daughters were injured in a hit-and-run collisionNot sure what to do, she turned to Crosley Law. 


A Distracted Driver Runs Over an Innocent Pedestrian: Stuart R.’s Story

While walking through a parking lot, a distracted driver struck Stuart, causing serious injuries.  Learn how Crosley Law helped him get the compensation he needed.

Crash Survivor Fights Back Against Victim Blaming: Elia’s Story

Elia L. was severely injured after a distracted driver failed to yield. Adding insult to injury, the driver blamed her for the crash. Learn how Crosley Law helped.

hit by uninsured driver

A Disabled Army Vet Gets the Compensation He Deserves– Miguel’s Story

Hit by an uninsured driver, disabled army veteran Miguel V. struggled when his insurance company didn’t want to pay his claim. Learn how Crosley Law helped.

Texas truck accident attorney

Francine’s Story: Crash Victim Settles Her Claims Against a Reckless Truck Driver

Learn how Crosley Law helped the victim of a negligent truck driver reduce her medical bills and recover the compensation she deserved.

Car Accident Back Injury

Crosley Employee Suffers Serious Back Injury — Jamie’s Story

Read how a Crosley Law employee learned firsthand that a “minor” car crash can cause major back injuries.

Semi-Truck Accident in Texas

Joel’s Story: Passenger Vehicle Rear-Ended by 18-Wheeler

Joel G. was unexpectantly rear-ended by an 18-wheeler on a busy Texas highway, propelling him into other nearby vehicles. Learn more about his story.

intersection accident

Natalie’s Story: An Impatient Driver Causes a Head-On Collision

41-year-old mother and chef, Natalie L., was struck head-on while driving through an intersection in San Antonio. Learn more about her story.

Motorcyclist Receives Settlement in Distracted Teen Driver Crash: Lee’s Story

Lee’s Story: Motorcyclist Receives Settlement in Distracted Teen Driver Crash

Veteran Lee P. was severely injured when a distracted teen driver crashed into his motorcycle. Learn how Crosley Law helped Lee and his wife get the justice and compensation they deserved.

car accident back pain

Booker W.’s Story: Car Accident Victim Quickly Settles His Claims With Help From Crosley Law

Booker W. suffered back injuries when a driver rear-ended his vehicle. Learn how Crosley Law went above and beyond to help him settle his claims and get to his daughter’s wedding.

medical malpractice

John’s Story: Crosley Law Helps Victim of Hospital Malpractice

A Texas hospital’s negligence caused John to lapse into a permanent vegetative state. Crosley Law got him and his family the justice they deserved while John was unable to fight for himself.


A Bicyclist Receives $1.5 Million for His Injuries: Carl R.’s Story

Carl R. suffered severe injuries when a pickup truck failed to yield to his bicycle. Read this article and learn how Crosley Law helped Carl pick up the pieces.

Negligent Delivery Driver Hits a Pedestrian

Zack’s Story: Getting a Settlement After Being Hit by a Delivery Driver

A company’s delivery driver ignores safety rules, injuring a pedestrian. Keep reading to learn more about this story and how Crosley Law helped the victim recover.


Larry’s Story: Crosley Law Helps a Bus Passenger After a Hit-and-Run Crash

A hit-and-run collision left Larry with rib and spine fractures. Thankfully, Crosley Law helped him get the compensation he deserved. Read this article to learn more.

Esther Cardenas Pipoly’s Case

Esther’s Story: Helping a Grieving Family Find a New Purpose

When a life insurance company unfairly denied Esther’s claim following her husband’s death, she turned to Crosley Law for help.


Maria’s Story: Crosley Law Helps Crash Victim Achieve a Settlement and Find Peace of Mind

After a teenage driver crashed into Maria’s car, she turned to someone she could trust: Crosley Law. Learn more about why she chose our law firm and how we helped her.


Senior Driver Fights Back Against the Insurance Company’s Pre-Existing Condition Claims and Gets a Settlement

Kathryn suffered serious injuries when a distracted driver ran a red light. When the insurance company denied her claim, she turned to the attorneys at Crosley Law.


David’s Story: Standing up to the Insurance Company After a Crash

When the insurance company tried to assign fault to a car crash victim, Crosley Law fought back and got him the compensation he deserved after a car crash. Read the full story.

traffic light car wreck

After a Serious Car Crash, a Victim Finds Strength With Crosley Law — Rhonda’s Story

A high-speed car crash left Rhonda with a serious hip injury and a lifetime of future medical bills. Learn how Crosley Law helped her regain control.


McKenzie’s Story: Crosley Law Helps After She Was Hit by a Commercial Truck

When the insurance company argued that McKenzie had “just a broken finger,” Crosley Law dug deeper. Learn how we helped her get the compensation she deserved.

client story Six-Figure Claim After Drunk Driving Crash

Ryan and Jaimie’s Story: Crosley Law Settles Six-Figure Claim After Drunk Driving Crash

Ryan K., an actor living in New York City, had recently flown to San Antonio to visit his sister Jamie. The two had big plans, including an evening at the Botanical Gardens. In the early hours of the morning, those plans changed without warning.


Jason and Erick’s Story: Crosley Law Helps Border Patrol Agents Injured by a Reckless Driver

When another driver tried to blame Erick and Jason for a crash, they turned to Crosley Law for help. Learn how we built their case and won them a fair settlement.


Crosley Law Helps a Mother Care for Her Family After a Crash

After a rollover, Victoria’s family struggled with TBI symptoms. Crosley Law helped them resolve their injury claims so they could focus on their physical recoveries.


Alexandria’s Story: A Drunk Driver Speeds Down the Highway in the Wrong Direction

After a drunk driver crashed into her car, Crosley Law Firm helped Alexandria pick up the pieces and rebuild. This is her story.


Wes’s Story: Wes Suffered Serious Low Back Injuries in a Crash With an Underinsured Driver

Crosley Law Firm’s client faced mounting medical bills and ongoing pain. Allstate offered $1,185, so we took them to trial and achieved a jury verdict of $498,960.34.

Fractured Collarbone After Truck Wreck

Joseph’s Story: Crosley Law Helps Victim With Fractured Collarbone After Truck Wreck

After a horrific semi-truck accident, Crosley Law Firm helped Joseph get prompt medical care and fair compensation. Learn more in this success story!

Like many young people, Joseph had never dealt with lawsuits, lawyers, and insurance claims before. He was afraid he would make mistakes that would lead to denied claims and unpaid bills. He was happy to discover that Crosley Law Firm does its best to educate its clients about their legal rights and options. In addition to regular client meetings, the law firm assigned him “homework,” including videos that explained the stages of a truck accident claim and medical issues.


Scot’s Story: Crosley Law Helps Car Crash Injury Victim Get Multiple Settlements

Scot was driving down a San Antonio highway and had a green light ahead of him. As he was passing through an intersection, a teenage driver ignored the traffic signal and turned directly into Scot’s pickup.

Car Crash Victim With Broken Neck

Kayla’s Story: Crosley Law Firm Gets Car Crash Victim With Broken Neck a Settlement

Crosley Law Firm quickly settles a teenage accident victim’s claims involving a broken neck and other injuries to help her focus on her recovery and future. Learn more in this personal injury client success story.

San Antonio car accident Harold

Harold’s Story: Crosley Law Firm Helps Injured Car Crash Victim Get a Settlement

A negligent driver lost control of her car, cut across multiple lanes of traffic, and collided with the driver’s side of Harold’s vehicle at highway speeds. With Crosley Law Firm’s help, he regained a sense of stability after an unexpected and life-changing collision.

car accident attorney

Zuleyma’s Story: Pickup Driver Causes Car Crash and Crosley Law Firm Helps Victim

A white pickup turned into Zuleyma’s lane without signaling, and she couldn’t stop. Learn how Crosley Law Firm helped her achieve a settlement.

Barbara Trucking Accident TBI

Barbara’s Story: Crosley Law Gets $4.9 Million Settlement for Trucking Accident Victim With TBI

Barb was a distinguished veteran and teacher — until a semi truck crashed into her, causing life-altering injuries. Learn how Crosley Law helped her.

Passenger Pursues Lawsuit Against Driver

Bethany’s Story: Passenger Pursues Lawsuit Against Driver and Gets Settlements

Jake was driving at highway speeds on a slippery road with low visibility. As he turned around a curve, he suddenly saw Mr. G’s parked car directly in his path. Bethany, who was simply a passenger along for the ride, sustained severe injuries during the crash despite being buckled up properly. Here is her story.

Trucking Wreck Victims

Chris Sr.’s Story: Crosley Law Helps Trucking Wreck Victims Injured in 4-Vehicle Pileup

Stopped in traffic, Chris saw a semi barreling toward him in his rearview mirror, and he came to the horrifying realization that it was not going to stop. Here is his story.

Crash Caused by Negligent Driver

Shelby and Sarah’s Story: Crosley Law Firm Helps Shelby J. and Sarah M. After Crash Caused by Negligent Driver

Shelby J. and Sarah M. had stopped at a red light in March 2014 when they heard a loud screeching noise and then felt a crushing impact from behind. A negligent driver was not paying proper attention to the roadway, and, as a result, the driver rear-ended Shelby’s car.

Crash with Negligent Driver

Amanda’s Story: After Crash with Negligent Driver, Amanda C. Finds Success with Crosley Law Firm

Amanda C. hired Crosley Law Firm to help her find justice and financial stability after a negligent truck driver hit her car on a busy San Antonio road.

eckless Driver Causes a Crash

Sam’s Story: Reckless Driver Causes a Crash and Crosley Law Helps Victim Get a Settlement

In the fall of 2015, Sam S. fell victim to one such careless driver as he drove his van through a neighborhood in Pasadena, Texas. Sam was following the posted speed limit, driving without distractions, and paying attention to the road, but another driver was not. Without any warning, Mr. H. sped out of a private drive directly in front of Sam. With no chance to avoid the collision, Sam struck Mr. H.’s truck head on.

Margaret and Ernest O. Car Crash

Margaret’s Story: Crosley Law Firm Helps Crash Victims Achieve Settlement

Margaret and Ernest’s vehicle spun out of control and struck the concrete barrier on the left shoulder of the freeway. Their vehicle came to rest facing the wrong way. Both Margaret and Ernest sustained injuries during the collision that required significant medical treatment and caused a great deal of pain and suffering.

Negligence in Distracted Driving

Karen’s Story: Crosley Proves Negligence in Distracted Driving Case

On a late September evening in 2015, Karen C. was minding her own business as she drove down a two-lane highway in San Antonio. As she cleared a hill, she slammed into a car that was stalled across both lanes. The collision was unavoidable, and it changed her life.

red light

Becky’s Story: Hit By an Uninsured Driver: Crosley Client Receives Maximum Settlement

Becky was leaving work on a Friday afternoon looking forward to the weekend. Minutes after she started her journey home, she was completely stopped at a red light and felt an unexpected, severe impact to the rear of her vehicle. The other driver was not paying attention, did not attempt to brake, and was uninsured. Becky’s situation was further complicated because she was driving her boss’s car, not her own.

Intersection Collision, Airbag Defect, and Eye Injury

Priscilla’s Story: An Intersection Collision, Airbag Defect, and Eye Injury

Priscilla was driving through a busy intersection and had a green light. Out of nowhere, she heard screeching tires and felt a sudden crushing impact to her vehicle. The other driver had run a red light and smashed into her. With mounting medical bills, a totaled car, ongoing medical care, and complicated insurance, Priscilla knew she needed help.

karen's injuries

Karen’s Story: Losing a Profession Because of a Car Wreck

Until a recent spring afternoon, Karen L. was at the top of her career as a full-time massage therapist at the Hyatt Hill Country Resort in San Antonio. She was enjoying all the success that came with years of hard work until someone else’s carelessness took away her livelihood.

EMS Cosmic Jump

Max’s Story: Trampoline Park Injury Alters Teen’s Life Forever

It was the first day of summer in Houston and our 16-year-old client looked forward to an afternoon of fun and activity at Cosmic Jump, a local trampoline park. Instead, he fell victim to a hidden danger there that changed his life forever.

Car Accident Image Errica's Story

Errica’s Story: Recovering from an Unpredictable Car Accident

Although Errica never expected to get injured in a car crash, Crosley Law Firm helped her get through this difficult ordeal and built a lasting relationship along the way. Reflecting on her experience working with the team at Crosley Law Firm, Errica said that “every time I came to the office, they were smiling … it was like I was their only client.”

accident technology

Ronald’s Story: Settlement For Motorcyclist Injured By Negligent Driver

Initially, Mr. Hodge enlisted the services of a local personal injury law firm, however, after 10 months, they had yet to file a lawsuit. At this point, he decided to sever ties with that firm and enlist the help of Crosley Law Firm instead. Within 24 hours, Crosley Law Firm had filed suit against both the driver and the company for making a “sudden, unsafe, and illegal right turn from the left lane.”

Auto Accident Lawsuit

Jill’s Story: Medical & Economics Experts turn the Tide for Crosley Client

Personal injury cases often hinge not just on the facts themselves, but on the individual witnesses and attorneys who present those facts. Retaining an experienced team of experts can make all the difference in achieving a victory. Such was the case for Jill Conway.


Elia’s Story: Righting a Wrong A Small Personal Injury Case with a Big Return

Car accidents can have devastating effects on families. In 2013 alone, auto accidents in Texas killed more than 3,000, injured more than 200,000, and caused nearly $26 billion in economic losses. It can be difficult to find a place to turn when you find yourself suffering financial or medical hardships due to an auto accident. Just ask Elia L.

drunk driving accident

Carol’s Story: The Power of Expert Testimony

A vital component of many personal injury cases is the use of expert testimony to dispute or support various elements of a claim. It certainly helps your case when the evidence is in your favor, but sometimes experts are necessary to add credibility to arguments and provide clarity concerning the relevant details of the case in question.


Brandy’s Story: Woman Working in her Front Yard is run over by Careless Motorist; Crosley Law Firm Helps Victim

Crosley Law Firm client Brandy C., an associate professor at a community college, was doing yard work with her teenage daughter on a mild Saturday in San Antonio, Texas. Her van was parked in a safe, legal place in front of her house. Out of nowhere, an SUV careened into the van and pushed it over the sidewalk, pinning Brandy beneath the van, and resulting in severe injuries.

auto liability case

Chelsea’s Story: Attorney Tom Crosley Achieves Major Settlement in Auto Liability Case

On the afternoon of December 7, 2012, Chelsea G., a 22-year-old college student, suffered significant injuries after her car struck another motorist while passing through an intersection. Ms. C., a homemaker on her way to pick her daughter up from school, failed to observe a red light, and her vehicle was struck by Chelsea’s at a perpendicular angle. Both drivers required medical attention for their injuries.

Margaret and Ernest O. Car Crash

Margaret and Ernest’s Story: Crosley Law Firm Helps Crash Victims Achieve Settlement

Margaret and Ernest O. were traveling on Texas interstate IH-35 through downtown San Antonio. Out of nowhere, their car was struck by a heavy-duty work truck that was attempting to merge onto the freeway from an on-ramp.

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With the start of the 2019 New Year, Crosley Law proudly launched the community service branch of our law firm, officially founding Crosley Cares. The brainchild of our Director of Happiness [...]

Indiana Jarryd and the Law Crusade

Jarryd S. Morton may not look like your typical cowboy, but his journey to attorney at Crosley Law Firm is straight out of the western genre. A stranger from a small town, Jarryd came ridin’ into [...]

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