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The stories on this page focus on cases that required the outstanding level of involvement, research, testing, and experience that you expect when you choose to work with Crosley Law Firm.

Raymond’s Story

Crosley Law Helps One Family After a Young Man’s Life is Shattered

Raymond’s accident was catastrophic, and his injuries altered the course of his life forever. Find out how he and his family got the compensation they deserved.

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Teresa's Story

Professor Recovers Settlement After Crash with Irresponsible Truck Driver

Teresa suffered physically and emotionally after being hit by a semi. Hear about one company’s astonishing disregard for safety, and how Crosley law helped.

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John’s Story

Teacher Wins $282,000 From UIM Policy After Rear-End Collision

John was an active teacher in his late 40s when another driver rear-ended him and caused serious, permanent injuries. Find out how Crosley Law helped.

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Kaegan’s Story

Getting Fair Compensation for Pain and Suffering After a TBI

After receiving a low settlement offer following a rear-end collision, Kaegan contacted Crosley Law to help her get fair compensation for her TBI.

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Michael and Justin’s Story

Father and Son Get More Than a Settlement

Michael and Justin wanted a nice day on the road but ended up with serious injuries and mounting costs. Find out how Crosley Law helped.

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Kameron’s Story

Finding Closure and Solutions After a Tragic Shooting

Kameron’s short life ended when deputies failed to de-escalate a situation. Learn how his parents demanded justice and found some closure with Crosley Law’s help.

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John’s Story

Aggressive Tactics Lead to a $178,000 Settlement for a Pedestrian

Learn how Crosley Law helped a pedestrian after a delivery driver ignored a stop sign and seriously injured him.

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Joshua’s Story

Proving “Invisible” Injuries After a Catastrophic Truck Crash

A negligent truck driver left Joshua permanently injured. However, others questioned his right to compensation. Learn how Crosley Law proved his case.

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Amanda and Jane’s Story

A Grieving Mother Clears Her Daughter’s Name

Jane needed answers after a reckless truck driver blamed her daughter for their fatal crash. Learn how Crosley Law uncovered the truth.

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Our Latest Blog Articles

How Much Is a Good Settlement for Nerve Damage After a Car Accident?

May 27, 2022

Nerve damage is common after auto accidents. Nerves are sensitive, fragile tissues that can easily be pinched, compressed, crushed, or even severed in a serious accident—potentially leading to serious and lifelong physical and emotional distress. Unfortunately, pinched nerves and other injuries are not always immediately apparent following a crash, which can prevent car accident victims […]

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Everything You Should Know About Airbag Injuries and Claims

May 24, 2022

Airbags can save lives, but sometimes things go wrong, and you are the one who pays the price. The unfortunate truth is that airbag injuries can be serious and even fatal, so it is important to understand why and how they can happen, and well as what to do in case you are injured. But […]

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Car vs. Pedestrian: Who Is at Fault for the Accident?

May 10, 2022

No amount of money will erase the emotional trauma of being in a car crash as a pedestrian. However, fair compensation for your suffering and financial costs is one way you can begin to rebuild your life and find some closure. Securing that fair compensation might be more complicated than you’d expect, however—especially when you’re […]

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Drunk and Impaired Driving: A Crash Victim’s Essential Guide

Apr 28, 2022

Driving drunk is one of the most dangerous and irresponsible things a driver can do. Unfortunately, millions of people take this risk every single year. When drunk drivers hit the road, they endanger the lives of others and can cause serious injuries or even death in an accident.  If you or a loved one have […]

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Is it Worth Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer?

Apr 22, 2022

There are a lot of misconceptions out there about personal injury attorneys. Many people are reluctant to seek out legal representation after a car or truck accident, or even medical malpractice, because of stories they’ve heard or what they’ve seen on TV. Often, they’re particularly concerned about the costs associated with hiring a personal injury […]

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Texas Personal Injury Law Changes: Texas Tort Reform

Apr 19, 2022

Unexpected accidents happen more frequently than most of us like to admit. Car wrecks, workplace injuries, even major trucking crashes occur every day. Often, these unexpected tragedies were preventable, if only someone had put down their phone while driving, promptly addressed a workplace safety issue, or performed their required duties.   In the eyes of the […]

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What Is a Medical Lien—and How Will it Affect My Personal Injury Settlement?

Apr 06, 2022

We probably don’t have to tell you that dealing with medical bills, insurance companies, and a mountain of paperwork is not easy—especially when you’re also trying to recover from the injury that caused it all. If you’ve made a personal injury claim, you may be wondering how long it will take to get the compensation […]

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How to Negotiate a Settlement With an Insurance Adjuster

Mar 23, 2022

Whether you find negotiations intimidating or exciting, taking on an insurance company after a car accident or other incident can be a roller coaster of emotion for you and your family — especially if one of you is healing from serious injuries.     If your life was negatively affected due to someone else’s negligence or recklessness, […]

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