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Attorney Referrals

Crosley Law Firm welcomes referrals from and partnerships with other firms and independent attorneys to handle personal injury cases. In fact, the majority of our cases are referred by other attorneys. Through a referral, you can provide your client access to a legal team with specialized knowledge and extensive personal injury experience—a firm with a long track record in tough cases. Our results have been exceptional, with the verdict or settlement often being many times greater than the settlement offer made before we were hired.

Various Points of Engagement in Cases

Whether you seek our involvement at the initiation of a lawsuit or in the event that additional legal counsel is needed for trial, Crosley Law Firm has the resources and expertise to ensure that your clients receive the best possible representation. Although we prefer to get involved as early as possible in a case—to assist with the investigation, preserve key evidence, and take witness statements while memories are still fresh—we are often hired specifically to try a case once it is clear that settlement negotiations have failed.

Referral Fee and Joint Venture Arrangements

Crosley Law Firm offers referral fees and joint venture arrangements. We accept referrals nationwide. If you’d like to learn more about how Crosley Law Firm can assist you in a personal injury case, email us at  [email protected] or fill out the form on this page.

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