New Trampoline Park Opening in San Antonio

Despite claims that “San Antonio residents can jump for joy” now that Flip’z Trampoline Park is open in Pica Pica Plaza, Crosley Law Firm has seen many serious personal cases arise from similar [...]

Dangerous Bounce House Injuries on the Rise

As more and more data becomes available, it’s clear that brain injuries are all too common at commercial amusement parks. For example, a recently-concluded case began in 2010 when a young boy at [...]

I Signed a Waiver – Do I Have any Legal Rights if I Got Injured?

If you don’t have a trampoline park in your area, you may see one coming soon. Six years ago, there were only six indoor trampoline parks in the United States. Before the end of the calendar year [...]

Increased Popularity of Trampoline Parks Creates Need for Stricter Regulations

Photo credit: djromanj / Foter / CC BY A recent rise in the popularity of trampoline parks is occurring all over the US. On July 18, Shakalaka Extreme Air Sports opened in Huntsville, Alabama. [...]

Trampoline Injury Study: Long Term Data Analyzed

Researchers at Indiana University School of Medicine are the first to analyze trampoline fracture patterns in a large population over an extended period of time, providing alarming new data about [...]

Trampoline Injuries and Safety

The Trampoline Problem More and more we are seeing serious trampoline injuries from unsuspecting participants who visit trampoline parks. It seems that every week there is a news story from [...]

Do You have a Mesothelioma Claim?

Mesothelioma is one of the diseases linked to exposure to asbestos. For years, many businesses knew about the negative health consequences that arise after exposure to asbestos. However, they [...]