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Investigating and Presenting Our Cases WithCutting-Edge Technology

The days when lawyers won injury cases by scribbling on dry erase boards or flipping through large sticky notes are long gone. Today’s jurors are bombarded with hundreds of digital messages each day, many coming straight to their smartphones, tablets, and televisions. As the voices on-screen have gotten louder, attention spans are getting shorter, which leaves injured parties with a brief window of opportunity to make a persuasive case. Crosley Law has adapted to these new realities and utilizes the latest technology to help judges and juries understand the key evidence important to your case.

Our lawyers use the latest multimedia presentation tools, using audio and video to breathe life into the evidence. Our presentations make it fun and interesting for jurors to learn your case, and this lets them absorb critical information in a way that is easy and familiar.

Digital Accident Reconstruction

We create real-time digital simulations of automobile and trucking accidents that accurately reflect the roadway, weather conditions, vehicles involved, and points of impact. Digital reconstructions are often accompanied by the expert testimony of an engineer or physicist so that jurors get a birds-eye view of the collision while learning the relevant scientific principles.

Digital Accident Reconstruction

Auto Crash with 18-Wheeler

Accident Technology

Auto Accident Simulation

Accident Reconstruction

Semi/Pickup Collision

Compelling Medical Visuals

Our advanced medical imaging tools bring judges and juries not only inside the injury but also back in time. We put a human face on the complex injuries, the numerous invasive surgeries, and the lengthy recovery that victims experience to help juries personalize our clients’ pain and suffering.

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