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Crosley Law Firm Can Tackle the Challenges of Defective Product Injury Cases

Dangerously defective products injure an estimated 38.9 million Americans each year.[1] In the news, we see constant recalls of household goods, vehicle parts, and pharmaceutical drugs. The manufacturers who profit from the sale of these products are responsible for ensuring that their goods are safe for consumer use. This includes following proper design and manufacturing guidelines to eliminate dangerous defects, as well as labeling their products to sufficiently warn consumers of possible dangers.

When defects in the design, manufacturing or warning labels of a product cause injuries or death, the manufacturers of component parts, assembling manufacturers, wholesalers, and/or retailers may be held liable under the law.

Challenges of Defective Products Cases

Product liability cases are typically more involved due to the number of parties that potentially contribute to the manufacture and sale of a defective product. Also, these cases often deal with extremely technical or scientific issues. The plaintiff must clearly prove that the product directly caused the injuries, that the injuries would have been avoided if the product was properly designed or manufactured, and that the defendant could not have reasonably foreseen and prevented the injuries.

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Experienced Product Liability Attorneys

The attorneys at Crosley Law Firm have years of experience in evaluating, investigating, and pursuing defective product claims on behalf of those who are injured or killed. We identify all parties that are potentially responsible – from the manufacturer of component parts to the final retailer. We research the applicable design, manufacturing, and labeling safety guidelines to pinpoint where mistakes were made. Then we utilize a wide network of medical and technical experts who help explain your case to the jury.

This comprehensive approach to proving defective product claims has enabled Crosley Law Firm to become one of the leading firms in the San Antonio area for successfully obtaining fair recoveries for injured clients. If someone you know has been injured or killed by a dangerously defective product, then contact Crosley Law Firm immediately for a free case evaluation.

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[1] United States Consumer Product Safety Commission. (2013, June 14) 2012 annual report to the president and congress. Retrieved from http://www.cpsc.gov//Global/About-CPSC/Reports/Annual-Reports/FY12AnnualReport.pdf

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