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Corporations Fear the Right Truck Accident Attorney

Written by Tom Crosley
Trucking Accidents, Vehicle Wrecks

Circadian rhythms make a 24-hour work schedule utterly unnatural for humans. However, with more truck drivers preferring to drive during off-peak hours to avoid traffic, fatigue is a huge problem. Drivers travelling alone, like the majority of truck drivers, are over 80% more likely to get drowsy behind the wheel than drivers with passengers. New proposed guidelines are attempting to decrease overall time allowed on the road per day, along with increasing nighttime rest periods. Data analysis has shown that crashes that occurred during late night and early morning hours, defined as 11pm to 6:59am, were nearly five times as likely to have involved a drowsy driver as crashes that occurred later in the morning, afternoon, or evening.

All of this knowledge shows the dangerous circumstances surrounding fatigued truck drivers. Accident victims are paying the price of greedy or insensitive corporations. One fleet owner stated, “If you’re quick off the draw, you can beat the lawyers, and deal directly with the accident victims.” Vulnerability is at its highest while an injured victim is recovering—exactly when the corporations want to speak to victims, without the protection of an experienced truck accident attorney. Don’t let yourself be taken advantage of during your most vulnerable time! It is the company’s responsibility to make sure that the driver has the necessary skills and knows what he or she needs to do, including choosing to rest for the safety of those on the road. The right truck accident attorney can bring peace of mind to victims and their families. Medical bills are unpredictable, but should not be a source of concern during recovery.

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