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Crosley Law Firm Accepts Two New Clients in the Eagle Ford Shale Region

Written by Tom Crosley
Eagle Ford Shale Trucking Accidents, Trucking Accidents, Vehicle Wrecks

Crosley Law Firm has recently accepted two new clients involved in distracted driving cases in the Eagle Ford Shale region of Texas. The first suit is a wrongful death case in which a retired police officer was killed when another vehicle collided with his; the other involves a truck driver who was violently rear-ended by another 18-wheeler while making a standard right turn on a country road. In the former, Crosley Law Firm will be representing the family of the deceased, and they will be representing the injured semi-truck driver in the second case.

The first incident involves multiple parties and ultimately resulted in the tragic death of a retired police officer. On March 26 of this year, a motor vehicle slowed as it approached a dog pacing in the road. Based on peace officer’s report, the driver of the semi truck behind him, sadly, was watching his side mirror and rear-ended the vehicle that had slowed for the animal. The struck automobile was then launched into an approaching car driven by the retired police officer, resulting in his death.

The second case is another example of a violent accident that could have been easily avoided. On April 2 of this year, Tim Schroeder was hauling a load of sand to a well site north of Palm City. While making a routine right turn, he was rear-ended by another driver pulling a tractor trailer. The second driver was reportedly using his cell phone and following Mr. Schroeder too closely. Since the accident, Mr. Schroeder has been experiencing back pain and numbness in his right leg and foot. He has filed for and is receiving workers’ compensation, and his employers are currently paying for his medical treatment.

Since 2010, the Eagle Ford Shale region of southern Texas has become one of the most actively drilled areas for oil and gas in the nation. Because of the rich pockets of natural resources in the region, traffic has increased considerably, and there is now a significant commercial trucking presence in the area. If you are driving through major drilling sites in the Eagle Ford Shale, please maintain proper awareness and strictly adhere to local traffic laws, as there may be commercial truck drivers on the road driving negligently or distractedly after routinely working long shifts and/or overtime.

If you have been involved in an automobile accident as a result of another party’s distracted driving, please contact Crosley Law Firm today. Our expert attorneys have decades of experience dealing with thousands of auto accident claims and are eager to use their vast legal knowledge and proven negotiating skills to achieve the optimal recovery that you and your family deserve.

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