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Semi-truck Collides with Unattended Vehicle, Catches Fire, Falls from Loop 410 Overpass

Written by Tom Crosley
Trucking Accidents, Vehicle Wrecks

Northbound Loop 410 is down to one lane this evening as road crews attempt to clear the scene of a devastating trucking accident. At around 2:00 on Monday afternoon, an 18-wheeler collided with an unattended Chevy truck that had been resting on the shoulder. The crash caused the semi-truck to catch fire and then demolish a guardrail before crashing into the road below Loop 410.

The 18-wheeler had been traveling north near East Houston Street on Loop 410 when it collided with the empty vehicle. The crash sent the big rig hurling through the guardrail and onto the street below. The semi-truck driver was taken to a local hospital after sustaining burns and lacerations.

At this point, northbound traffic is still backed up for miles. The cleanup efforts are slowing rush hour traffic considerably, and authorities are reporting that it will take several more hours before the scene is clear and the road is passable.

Crashes like these are exactly why we at Crosley Law Firm advocate for increased safety regulation of the trucking industry. The devastating effects of catastrophic semi truck crashes are also why we focus on litigating trucking accident cases and auto accident claims at our personal injury practice. If the unattended truck on the shoulder had been full of passengers or if the roads below Loop 410 had been full of traffic, this news story would likely be a much more tragic one. If you or someone you know has been injured or lost someone as a result of a vehicle collision, call (877) 535-4529 today to schedule a free consultation with a qualified and experienced attorney who can help you determine your best course of action.


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