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Studies Show Texas Is a Dangerous State for Driving and Car Accidents

Jan 17, 2018 Car Accidents, Drunk Driving Accidents, Texting and Driving, Vehicle Wrecks

Every year, American drivers are rated based on a variety of metrics. Unfortunately, Texas drivers score poorly overall: with scores ranging from slightly below average to some of the worst in the country. These statistics have real-world consequences: careless drivers speedingusing their phones, and driving recklessly causes Texas car accident every 57 seconds. Learn more about bad Texas driving habits — and what you should do if you’ve been hurt — below. 

How Do You Rate a State’s Drivers?

A wide variety of organizations, including insurance companies, the National Safety Council, and safety app developers review American driving habits and rate them based on a range of different metrics. While these factors vary from study to study, they frequently include: 

  • How often drivers engage in dangerous driving maneuvers, such as harsh acceleration, hard braking, and sharp turns 
  • How often they use their phones while driving 
  • The number of accident claims filed in the state 
  • The number of crashes involving drunk or drugged drivers 
  • The number of commuters on the road 
  • The extent that weather impacts people’s drives 
  • The number of fatal car crashes 
  • The state’s road safety laws 

Some of these things are out of our control, such as the weather and the volume of people on the road. However, most Texas car accidents are preventable. 

The Good: San Antonio Drivers Are Safer Than Many Texans 

According to Allstate Insurance’s America’s Best Drivers Report 2017, San Antonio is the 138th safest U.S. city for driving, beating Austin, Houston, and Dallas. Allstate based its assessment on claim frequency, population, and several other factors. However, while we beat other large cities in Texas, San Antonio has a lot of room for improvement. For example, the city performed below the national average on claim submissions. San Antonio residents are 26% more likely to file a property damage claim than the average American.

“San Antonio residents are 26% more likely to file a property damage claim than the average American.”

The Bad: Texans Are More Likely to Engage in Hazardous Driving Behaviors That Cause Accidents 

In 2016, EverDrive assessed driving behaviors in all 50 states. EverDrive is an app that tracks users’ driving behaviors through their phone and its GPS, accelerometer, gyroscope, and screen on/off functions. Based on this data, Texas performed below average. For example: 

  • One-third of Texans speed and brake harshly. 
  • 40% inappropriately use their phones while driving. 
  • Texans aggressively accelerate more than the average American. 
  • Texas drivers are more likely to perform hard turns than most Americans. 

Similarly, the National Safety Council gave Texas a “C” grade for its road safety. The council specifically noted problems with speeding, distracted driving, and weak laws protecting child passengers, teen drivers, and vulnerable road users (such as bicyclists). 

The Ugly: Texas Has More Drunk Drivers Than Most States 

Car Insurance Comparison deemed Texas drivers the worst in the nation (tied with Louisiana). Notably, Texas had the third highest number of drunk driving-related crashes in the country. But there were other reasons Texas was ranked the lowest in the United States. The company based its rankings on National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) crash statistics, including the number of fatal crashes and the volume of crashes caused by ignoring traffic signals, not wearing a seatbelt, drunk driving, speeding, and careless driving.

“Notably, Texas had the third highest number of drunk driving-related crashes in the country.”

Crosley Law Firm: We Fight for San Antonio Car Accident Victims 

If a careless Texas driver injured you or a loved one, it’s typically in your best interest to consult with a qualified and experienced personal injury lawyer, like the ones at Crosley Law Firm. Under Texas personal injury law, you might be eligible to get compensation for your medical bills, property loss, lost wages, and pain and suffering. However, insurance companies tend to deny and work against personal injury claims — especially if the victim is does not have a lawyer. 

At Crosley Law Firm, we represent injured drivers, pedestrians, cyclists, and other car accident victims. We offer a no-fee guarantee and pride ourselves on our aggressive legal representation and attention to detail. Complete our online form or call us at 210-LAW-3000 | 210-529-3000 for a free consultation. 


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The content provided here is for informational purposes only and should not be construed as legal advice on any subject. 


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