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Andrew D.’s Story

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Andrew D. was driving his pickup and entered an intersection. Suddenly, a sedan turned left and smashed into his vehicle. The collision was forceful enough to trigger the airbags in Andrew D.’s truck. The other driver admitted that he had looked down at his dashboard for a moment and had been distracted.  

The crash did more than seriously damage Andrew D.’s truck. Due to neck, arm, and back pain, he headed to the ER for medical care. 

Andrew D. Faces a Lifetime of Medical Care 

Initially, Andrew D.’s doctors prescribed anti-inflammatory medication and monitored his condition. However, his pain did not resolve, and he was soon prescribed physical therapy and other intensive care. MRIs of his neck and low back showed herniated discs at multiple levels: C4-5, C5-6, and C6-7 in his neck and L4-5 in his lumbar spine. 

At only 25 years old, Andrew D. was now living with a serious back injury. His doctors believed that he needed at least two surgeries—one in his neck and another in his low back. They also warned him that, due to his young age, he’d likely need more operations down the road. Already, he had racked up tens of thousands of dollars in medical bills—and the prospect of even more surgeries down the road was intimidating.  

That’s when Andrew D. turned to Crosley Law. 

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Crosley Law Calculates the Full Value of Andrew D.’s Losses 

Our investigation made it clear that the other driver was at fault. According to the police report, the sedan’s driver had been distracted and did not yield the right of way. Then, during the other driver’s deposition, where he answered questions under oath, he admitted that he had caused the crash. However, even though his liability was indisputable, the Crosley Law team still had to carefully calculate Andrew D.’s current and future losses. 

When you settle a personal injury case, you typically give up your right to any additional compensation, so it’s essential that you consider both your past, existing, and future medical bills, lost income, and other needs. If you underestimate these losses, you’ll end up settling for much less than your car crash claim is really worth. 

We consulted with a series of experts, including Andrew D.’s doctors, to understand how his medical needs would develop over his remaining 55-year life expectancy. According to his physicians, Andrew D. needed multiple surgeries now, and probably would need a revision later on (as his back and the hardware aged). They estimated that these surgeries, rehabilitation, and other necessary medical care could cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. 

Based on our work, we built strong arguments that Andrew D. was entitled to a significant settlement, and we prepared his case for mediation and trial.  

Andrew D Crash Report Narrative And Diagram
Crash Report Narrative And Diagram

We Identify Multiple Insurance Policies and Negotiate $184,000 in Settlements 

Thankfully, several insurance policies covered Andrew D.’s injuries. In addition to the at-fault driver’s liability policy, Andrew D. had underinsured motorist (UIM) and medical payments (MedPay) coverage, which could step in and pay some of his remaining bills. 

First, we worked to resolve Andrew D.’s liability claims with the at-fault driver. Our team suggested mediation as a way to speed up negotiations. Mediation is a dispute resolution process where both sides present their cases and legal arguments to a trained, neutral professional (called a mediator). The mediator listens to their side of the story, asks questions, and tries to help the parties arrive at a fair settlement.  

Initially, the insurance company had offered Andrew D. $39,715, much less than what his case was worth. We carefully presented our demand, highlighting Andrew D.’s severe injuries and extensive losses. Thanks to our well-prepared case, the insurance company finally offered a fair settlement. 

Second, we filed claims with Andrew D.’s MedPay and UIM insurance companies. Our team nearly doubled Andrew D.’s recovery with these claims. In total, the insurance companies paid $184,000 for Andrew D.’s losses.

“Andrew D.’s injuries made his future uncertain,” notes attorney Tom Crosley. “The settlements we negotiated gave him peace of mind—and helped him move forward. It was an honor representing him.” 

Crosley Law: Fighting for Crash Victims in Texas 

We know that there’s no such thing as a “car accident.” Someone’s bad choices caused you or your loved one’s injuries, and you deserve answers and accountability. Crosley Law helps people get the closure and compensation they deserve, using leading-edge technology, respected experts, and carefully prepared legal arguments. 

If you have been injured in a car crash, call Crosley Law today at 210-LAW-3000 | 210-529-3000 or fill out our brief contact form. We’ll set up your free consultation so you can get free expert legal advice about your situation. 

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