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Kameron’s Story

Finding Closure and Solutions After a Tragic Shooting

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Kameron was a six-year-old who loved riding his bike and playing Paw Patrol. He was his parents’ only child, and they were ready to celebrate the holidays; the Christmas tree was up in Christopher’s living room and Kameron’s gifts were wrapped.

A tragic—and preventable—incident with the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office tore the family’s lives apart.

This story is heart-breaking and angering, but Kameron’s parents never wanted revenge. Their focus was getting justice for their son and preventing similar tragedies in the future. Crosley Law had the honor of representing Christopher during this difficult case, which attracted national attention.

A Manhunt Ends in Gunfire and Serious Questions

While Kameron is central to our story, it doesn’t begin with him. Hours before, a bounty hunter called the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office, asking that they pick a woman, Amanda, up. She did not have a history of violence and was wanted on charges involving credit card abuse and fraud.

As the deputies searched Amanda’s residence, she reportedly told them she had a gun. Then, she fled the house.

From there, things escalated quickly. The Sheriff’s Office used a helicopter, drone, K-9 teams, and deputies to search for Amanda. They called in other agencies for support—and the manhunt lasted long enough that the helicopter needed to refuel and snacks were brought in for tired deputies.

Again, all this effort was to hunt down a non-violent individual at the request of a professional bounty hunter.

Amanda Enters Kameron’s Home

Eventually, Amanda entered the mobile home park where Kameron’s father, Christopher, lived. Christopher was home with his niece and Kameron. She entered his home, using an unlocked door. He quickly told Amanda to leave, and she followed his request—the family had no connection to her.

Little did they know that deputies were approaching the family’s mobile home. The officers walked past Kameron’s bicycle and toys. When Amanda exited the home, they opened fire. After she slumped to the ground, there was a brief pause in the gunfire. Then, the officers began shooting again. In all, they unloaded almost 20 rounds in the direction of Christopher’s mobile home.

The home’s thin walls could not stop the bullets. Two of them hit Kameron, who was standing in the doorway of his bedroom. His father heard him cry out, but the deputies rushed in and pinned Christopher to the ground. He never got to console his son.

Kameron was pronounced dead at the hospital.

Amanda also died from gunshot wounds. She did not have a weapon in her possession at the time of her death.

Kameron’s Parents Demand Accountability and Action

Kameron’s family are not anti-law enforcement. The little boy’s grandfather served on the San Antonio Police Department for decades. Christopher is a Marine. However, they were dissatisfied with the County’s investigations and concerned that they did not see meaningful changes to the Sheriff Office’s policies—even after its leadership promised reforms in the aftermath of the shooting.

Christopher and Kameron’s mother sought legal representation, and he retained Crosley Law. We immediately went to work, investigating the claim.

The county’s investigations, to that point, hinged on statements from people who thought Amanda Jones had a gun, even though the officers had been told no weapons could be seen. One of the internal affairs reports was authored by a consultant who focused on reducing police department liability rather than identifying mistakes.

However, there was a long and troubling pattern of missteps and omissions in this case:

  • The officers immediately used deadly force rather than the non-lethal K-9 standing by.
  • They fired almost 20 rounds towards a non-violent, unarmed person, even after she was wounded and on the ground.
  • The officers fired directly at a vulnerable, occupied home with a child’s bike and toys visible on the porch and a car in the driveway.
  • After using deadly force, the officers raided the home and handcuffed an innocent person, not allowing him to tend to his fatally wounded six-year-old child.
  • No body camera footage from earlier encounters with Amanda (when some said she had a weapon) was found.
  • Two deputies didn’t have body cameras during the shooting, and another’s was turned off.
  • One deputy was not current with his firearm training but was still carrying and using a gun.

It was clear that Kameron’s parents were justified in their worries. Very little was being done to hold those responsible for his death accountable or prevent further heartbreak.

Together with Kameron’s mother’s attorney, we filed a lawsuit.

Outdated County Policies Led to the Use of Excessive Force

Bexar County needed to update its policies and training on use of force and de-escalation, but the department had done nothing to address this identified problem. The policies were wordy and confusing, and deputies didn’t get enough training on how to calm tense situations and reduce the need for deadly force.

So, even though K-9 units were ready to act, armed deputies approached Christopher’s home and fired their weapons into a home where people were present. The officers said they feared for their lives, but their failure to take cover or de-escalate the situation was the exact reason these tragic events unfurled.

Had the officers taken cover and fully assessed the situation, they would have likely determined that Amanda was unarmed, and they would not have opened fire.

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We Negotiate a $4.5 Million Settlement for Kameron’s Parents  

This lawsuit was not about getting money or being anti-law enforcement. It was about accountability and justice. It was about Kameron’s life not being lost in vain, and the county examining its policies and training.

Yet, money is the only compensation the law can offer. Because Kameron was not the intended target of the police action in this case, the law was murky concerning whether we could mount a legally viable claim for excessive force. Never once did we doubt that the facts were on our side, but the constitutional and legal issues were another matter entirely. In the end, we were only satisfied when the negotiations landed in the fairest place possible.

Our team was glad to help Kameron’s parents secure a $4.5 million settlement. The Sheriff’s Office also promised to significantly increase its deputies’ training, focusing on de-escalation and the use of force. We hope that it will provide comfort and acknowledge the unmeasurable loss they suffered.

Our team was glad to help Kameron’s parents secure a $4.5 million settlement. The Sheriff’s Office also promised to significantly increase its deputies’ training, focusing on de-escalation and the use of force.

When the settlement was finally reached, it brought some long-awaited closure to Kameron’s family. Nothing can compensate them for the loss of their son, but now they won’t have to worry about the costs for Kameron’s care and burial or the resources they’ll need to cope with their grief.

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Crosley Law: Helping Families After Tragic Loss

While Crosley Law typically concentrates on personal injury cases, Kameron’s case demonstrates our commitment to compassion as well as justice. The entire Crosley Law team is dedicated to personalized service and aggressive representation.

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