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Tiffiny H.'s Story

Hit by an Underinsured Motorist, Tiffiny H. Turned to Crosley Law Firm

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One day in August 2015, a hit-and-run collision with an uninsured motorist changed Tiffiny H.’s life. 

While Tiffiny was stopped in traffic on busy Wurzbach Road in San Antonio, a negligent driver rear-ended her vehicle, propelling her car into the vehicle in front of her. Tiffiny’s car was towed away and she was transported to a nearby trauma unit for treatment.

The impact Tiffiny experienced had come from two directions, which led to severe consequences. Her initial injuries consisted of several sprains, including in her neck, spine, shoulder, upper arm, and wrist. Upon further examination during follow-up care, doctors also diagnosed her with muscle spasms, brachial neuritis (also known as Parsonage-Turner Syndrome, which is inflammation and nerve damage in the neck and vocal chords that causes severe pain in the shoulder and arm followed by weakness or numbness once the pain subsides), post-traumatic headaches, and disc herniation.

To alleviate Tiffiny’s pain, her doctors prescribed a variety of treatments that included spinal decompressions and manipulations, physical therapy, epidural steroid injections, and several different pain medications. Despite their efforts, though, Tiffiny’s debilitating pain continued to interfere with her life even after six weeks of follow-up care and intensive physical therapy.

Tiffiny saw a pain specialist who recommended continued physical therapy sessions and epidural steroid injections. Unfortunately, Tiffiny still experienced sharp and acute pain even after these interventions. The pain specialist deemed her a candidate for two separate surgeries to reduce her pain, and Tiffany agreed to pursue surgery for relief from her constant pain and discomfort.

Prior to the hit-and-run crash, Tiffiny enjoyed an extremely active lifestyle. She participated in many physical activities like long-distance running, yoga and weight lifting classes, and bicycling with her husband. Today, though, the constant and never-ending pain throughout her neck, back, and arm prevents her from participating in these activities. Additionally, she suffers from lack of quality sleep and is unable to sleep through the night without pain medication.

A dramatic lifestyle shift, coupled with continuous pain and a lack of quality sleep, is enough to make anyone miserable. To add insult to injury, the motorist who hit Tiffiny was underinsured, and the economic damages and lack of justice surrounding her collision created serious financial problems for Tiffiny. As a result, she decided to seek help from a lawyer, which brought her to the experienced personal injury attorneys at the Crosley Law Firm.

The Economic Damages Associated with Tiffiny’s Car Crash

The economic damages Tiffany suffered as a direct result of the crash exceeded $230,000. She missed work and used her available vacation days to deal with doctor’s appointments and manage her pain. She will also miss work for at least six weeks each time she undergoes the two recommended surgeries. The bills from past recoverable medical expenses and the looming, foreseeable medical bills for future medications, treatments, and surgeries weighed heavily on Tiffiny and her family.

“There are too many motorists who are underinsured or uninsured, so it was important for us to do all we could for Tiffiny,” said Tom Crosley of the Crosley Law Firm. “We explored every possible insurance policy that she could benefit from.”

With the help of the Crosley Law Firm team, Tiffiny received maximum settlements from all applicable insurance policies, which eased the heavy financial burden she was facing and gave her peace of mind for the future as she keeps working to recover from her devastating injuries.

“After receiving her settlements, Tiffiny felt a sense of justice,” Tom Crosley said. “We were happy to be able to help her.”

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