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Motorcyclist Receives $1.5 Million Settlement in Distracted Teen Driver Crash

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Distracted Teen Driver Causes Multi-Vehicle Crash on a San Antonio Highway

On his way home from facilitating a PTSD support group, motorcyclist Lee P. and a fellow war veteran and retired police officer were gravely injured by a distracted driver. Stopped at a traffic light on San Antonio Highway 281, Lee was launched from his motorcycle into the side of a nearby vehicle when a distracted teen driver smashed into the motorcycles.  

“We were sitting at a light behind other vehicles, and the last thing I can remember was getting hit,” recalls Lee P.

The young driver was going more than 50 mph at the time of their collision—and was likely texting while driving. The authorities closed the highway due to the severity of the crash. At the crash scene, the police ticketed the teen for speeding, failing to keep a proper lookout, driver inattention, driving while distracted, and failing to avoid the collision.  

While the inhabitants of the other vehicles involved were not seriously hurt during the crash, both motorcyclists suffered life-threatening injuries that required immediate medical care. 

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Lee Requires Intensive Medical Care for His Injuries

EMTs rushed Lee to University Hospital, where he received emergency care for a multitude of injuries and conditions, including: 

  • Traumatic brain injury, including subdural hematoma and subarachnoid hemorrhage
  • Fractured sternum
  • Multiple fractures of his ribs and spine
  • Collapsed left lung
  • Bruised and fluid-filled right lung
  • Lung infection
  • Blood loss and anemia

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Due to these injuries, Lee experienced excruciating pain and fatigue, could not properly breathe, suffered from delirium (confused thinking and reduced awareness), and had difficulty swallowing.

To eat and breathe, Lee needed a feeding tube inserted through his nose and a breathing tube introduced directly into his windpipe through his neck. He also underwent numerous diagnostic tests, scans, blood transfusions, and rehabilitation sessions, including physical, occupational, and respiratory therapy.

It is uncertain whether Lee will ever be able to drive again or regain the independence he has lost due to this crash. His injuries limit his day-to-day activities, participation in church events, and his work with the PTSD support group.

Lee’s Wife Turned to Crosley Law For Help Getting Justice

Lee’s wife, Lindy, wanted to focus on helping Lee recover, not his complex legal claims. When a co-worker suggested she speak to Crosley Law about getting Lee and herself the justice and compensation they deserved, she gave the law firm a call. 

Crosley Law understands the importance of preserving evidence, and was able to go to the scene immediately to find evidence and debris. As part of their investigation, the law firm collected and reviewed medical, vehicle, and police records. Because they suspected cellphone usage was an element in the teen driver’s inattention, Crosley Law also issued subpoenas for the teen’s cell phone records.  

Crosley Law Got Lee and Lindy the Maximum Insurance Settlement Possible

Crosley Law acted quickly and built a strong case against the teen driver for distracted and reckless driving. After intense negotiations, the insurance companies were forced to settle for their policy limits. Luckily, the negligent driver had both general liability and umbrella coverage.  

Within less than a year, Crosley Law was able to settle the case for $1.5 million, which was all of the available insurance coverage applicable to the crash. The settlement covered medical expenses, physical injuries, pain, and suffering. 

Lee and Lindy were very pleased with the settlement and how Tom Crosley and his team handled their case. “They are very professional,” states Lindy, “and just very kind and ready to fight for you and be your advocate, and that’s exactly what they did.” 

Crosley Law: Advocates for San Antonio Car Crash Victims

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