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Errica’s Story

Recovering from an Unpredictable Car Accident

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Errica was traveling west on a two-lane road in Texas just like she ordinarily would. Another driver, Maurissa, had stopped at a stop sign in a right-turn-only lane, and there was a “no left turn” sign posted in addition to the stop sign at this intersection. Without warning and disregarding all of the signage, Maurissa pulled out into the road and attempted to make a left turn.

The Accident

With no time to react, Errica crashed into Maurissa’s vehicle. Her car rolled over 4 times, eventually coming to rest upside-down off the road. She suffered a broken arm that required significant surgery, and she also experienced bruising to her leg, arm, and face and suffered from a sore back.

No one expects to be involved in a car crash like this. The unfortunate truth about car accidents, though, is that even drivers like Errica who obey the law and keep their eyes on the road can become victims when other drivers are careless.

The Case

Crosley Law Firm took on Errica’s car accident case and went above and beyond to help her, even though she did not have medical insurance of her own. One of Crosley Law Firm’s talented paralegal’s explained that the team even “applied for a charity … and got a portion of [Errica’s medical] bill written off.” The firm’s dedication to serving their client helped Errica navigate through a difficult time as she struggled to deal with the effects of the crash and her injuries, both at her job and in her personal life.

Hard Work Pays Off

Ultimately, Crosley Law Firm’s hard work on this case paid off. The settlement they negotiated for Errica was for policy limits of $30,000. Crosley Law Firm then went to work helping Errica manage her significant unpaid medical bills. After even more negotiation, Crosley Law Firm was able to achieve the following reductions in those bills:

  • A hospital bill of over $18,300 was negotiated down to only $5,500
  • Another hospital bill of over $18,100 was negotiated down to only $3,144
  • The ER doctor’s bill was almost $4,000 and was reduced down to only $889

Of the $40,478 in medical bills Errica had accumulated, the team at Crosley Law was able to save her $30,945.

Crosley Law was able to save her $30,945.

Working with Crosley Law Firm

Although Errica never expected to get injured in a car crash, Crosley Law Firm helped her get through this difficult ordeal and built a lasting relationship along the way. Reflecting on her experience working with the team at Crosley Law Firm, Errica said that “every time I came to the office, they were smiling … it was like I was their only client.”

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