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J.T.’s Story

Sophisticated Tactics Uncover a Trucker’s Negligence

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J.T. was driving during San Antonio’s rush hour, following the rules of the road. As an 18-wheeler drove by, the semi veered into J.T.’s lane, sideswiping his sedan. The trucker claimed that while changing lanes, J.T. had been in his blind spot, making his car impossible to see. However, the police officer at the scene cited the truck driver for an unsafe lane change and distracted driving.

While his car was severely damaged, J.T. didn’t think he was seriously injured at the time of the wreck. However, within a few days, he was experiencing severe neck and arm pain. J.T. quickly sought medical treatment for his injuries. Unfortunately, an MRI of his neck showed multiple disc herniations. His damaged discs were pressing on his nerves, causing his shooting arm pain and other symptoms.

His doctors referred him to specialists for his chronic pain, and J.T. underwent radiofrequency ablation and medial branch blocks (procedures aimed at reducing his nerve-related pain). He quickly racked up tens of thousands of dollars in medical bills. Unsure what to do, J.T. called Crosley Law for help.

Crosley Law’s Investigation Uncovers a Pattern of Reckless Driving and Rule-Breaking

As we investigated J.T.’s crash, we uncovered many troublesome facts about the truck driver.

  • In a 911 call, an eyewitness reported that the at-fault trucker had been “all over the line” before the crash and had almost struck his vehicle before crashing into J.T. This witness signed an affidavit and was willing to testify at trial about the truck driver’s behavior.
  • Cell phone records show that the at-fault driver was using his phone at the time of the crash.
  • Using the trucker’s statements and Google Earth, we determined that he consistently violated federal trucking regulations by driving more than 700 miles per day.
  • The negligent truck driver also falsified his logbooks to hide these “hours of service” violations.
  • The at-fault driver was unfamiliar with the area and was not using a GPS to help him navigate.

Armed with this information, J.T.’s lawyers forced the driver to make multiple damaging statements and admissions during his deposition (a recorded statement made under oath).

At the same time, J.T. was doing everything in his power to get better, carefully following his doctors’ recommendations. His legal team helped him prepare for his deposition, and he impressed everyone involved.

“J.T. was a great client,” notes Shawn Mechler, his attorney. “He followed all of his doctors’ and providers’ medical recommendations. J.T. performed exceptionally well in his deposition, and his genuineness, likability, and honesty added settlement value to his case.”

Crosley Law Negotiates a Fair Settlement for J.T.

Initially, the truck driver’s insurance company offered J.T. a modest $65,000—far less than we thought his case was worth. Thanks to Crosley Law’s aggressive approach and his own credibility, J.T. settled his case for $337,500.

“This is a case where our advanced legal strategies and sophisticated approach paid off,” notes Mr. Mechler. “I’m proud that we helped J.T. get the compensation he deserved.”

Crosley Law: Fighting for Truck Wreck Victims in San Antonio

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