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Alexandria’s Story

A Drunk Driver Speeds Down the Highway in the Wrong Direction

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A Drunk Driver Speeds Down the Highway in the Wrong Direction

Alexandria P. was driving home on NE Loop 410 on an August evening. She was behind an 18-wheeler when it suddenly veered into another lane. Then, Alexandria saw headlights speeding directly at her.

She was unable to avoid the collision and the front driver’s side of her car took the brunt of the impact. During the crash, her steering wheel broke, the airbag deployed, and her front driver’s side wheel was ripped off. To exit the car, Alexandria had to crawl out of the passenger side window. With blood trickling down her face, glass in her eyes, and serious pain shooting through her body, she was overwhelmed by fear.

The other driver was visibly intoxicated by the time police arrived at the scene of the crash. He was disruptive and impulsive while at the hospital and was charged with DUI in addition to other driving violations.

Alexandria’s Car Wreck Injuries Make Even Simple Tasks Seem Impossible

During the collision, Alexandria injured her face, head, neck, back, leg, and ankle. She was diagnosed with a head injury, severe lacerations, and numerous soft tissue injuries. Unfortunately, her pain and symptoms did not improve.

She struggled with severe headaches, pain at every level of her back, and numbness in her foot and ankle. She had a tough time doing simple activities like taking a shower. Alexandria was so emotionally overwhelmed after the collision that she described the entire experience as “intense and frightening.”

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Crosley Law Firm Quickly Negotiates Multiple Settlements

Thankfully, Alexandria contacted Crosley Law Firm shortly after the crash. The pre-litigation team immediately went into action, obtaining most of Alexandria’s evidence electronically.

Within 30 days, Crosley Law Firm negotiated with the drunk driver’s insurance company as well as Alexandria’s carriers for uninsured/underinsured motorist (UIM) and personal injury protection (PIP). In total, Crosley Law Firm recovered $42,500 in settlements:

  • $30,000 from the drunk driver
  • $10,000 from her UIM policy
  • $2,500 from her PIP policy

This was a huge relief for Alexandria. She deeply appreciated how Crosley Law Firm “came in and handled everything so beautifully, just so well and so quick. I had time to relax and get my mind back on point and get over the shock of the incident.”

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