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Considering a New Braunfels Car Accident Lawyer? Here’s What You Need to Know 

Written by Tom Crosley
Jul 07, 2022 Car Accidents, Personal Injury
  1. 1. How an Attorney Can Help After a Car Accident in New Braunfels 
  2. 2. Filing an Auto Accident Lawsuit in New Braunfels? You Need an Expert by Your Side 
  3. 3. Hurt in New Braunfels? Contact Crosley Law Today 

New Braunfels, TX has come a long way in just a few decades. Comal County remains one of the fastest growing in the country, and new developments continue to be built throughout the region. 

One negative consequence of all this growth? An increase in car accidents. There were 2,715 recorded crashes in the county in 2021—the highest yearly total on record. Even though vehicles in general are safer than they were 20 years ago, more people and more traffic still mean more opportunities to get hurt. 

If you’re hurt in a car crash anywhere in Texas, contacting an experienced car accident lawyer is one of the wisest decisions you can make. But you might be surprised to learn that which attorney you hire—and where you file your case—can make a big difference. 

In this post, we’ll take a deeper look at how a car accident lawyer can give you a better shot at the financial compensation you deserve, as well as address some of the specific challenges associated with pursuing car accident lawsuits in New Braunfels (as opposed to other Texas jurisdictions). 

How an Attorney Can Help After a Car Accident in New Braunfels 

If you’re injured in a car accident caused by someone else, you’re entitled to seek compensation from the at-fault driver and their insurance carrier. However, that doesn’t mean you’ll be compensated fairly, or even at all. Often, you’re in for a hard fight—even if the facts of the case seem straightforward from your perspective. 

Here are just some of the obstacles you’ll need to overcome as you pursue your car accident case: 

  • Proving that the other driver (or another third party) was the cause of the accident. This can be extremely difficult if some of the facts aren’t clear or the other driver is denying responsibility. 
  • Documenting the full extent of your serious injuries and current and future medical expenses, lost wages, and more with thorough documentation. 
  • Making sure you stay on top of critical deadlines, include all necessary paperwork, and avoid other innocent mistakes that could nonetheless seriously jeopardize your chance at obtaining a fair settlement. 

At Crosley Law, we know how much of a challenge it is for ordinary people to get fair treatment and compensation from the insurance company after a car accident. 

Our law firm is one of the most respected in Texas because of how we go the extra mile for our clients. Here are a few ways we can help: 

Performing a Thorough Investigation of the Crash

It’s usually a mistake to think that your good word, plus a police report, is going to be enough evidence to prove fault. The truth is that most car accident cases require much more digging. 

We can take charge of the investigation and do whatever it takes to confirm the facts on the ground. That might include: 

  • Examining detailed photographs and other physical evidence of the accident scene 
  • Obtaining sources of evidence such as cell phone records, dash cam recordings, security camera footage, truck computer data, and maintenance logs before they can be destroyed 
  • Connecting with expert witnesses, such as doctors, accident reconstructionists, traffic engineers, and safety experts 
  • Following up with eyewitnesses 

Steps like these may be critical for accurately piecing together what happened and proving fault. And because we’re willing to dig deep and go the extra mile for our clients, we are frequently able to win big for our clients. 

For example, in nearby Wilson County, a trucking company tried to blame a young woman for her fatal wreck. Because our client, Amanda, had died at the scene of the crash she could not tell her side of the story—and the police report sided with the trucker. 

But when we looked at the dash cam footage and GPS data, consulted with accident reconstruction experts, and checked the company records, several troubling facts and safety violations came to light. Amanda had not caused the car accident—the truck driver had run a red light and didn’t even hit his brakes until after the impact. Ultimately, the insurance company agreed to pay the family a $9 million settlement. 

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Establishing the Full Extent of Your Injuries (and How They Affect Your Life) 

Proving the severity of your injuries, or even that you have them at all, can be harder than you might think. 

For example, brain injuries can cause a host of “invisible” injuries, including mood and personality changes, sleep disorders, and inability to focus. But they won’t always show up on a basic medical scan, and proving to a jury just how disabled you are after your accident can be extremely challenging. 

In addition to helping you get the prompt medical treatment you deserve, the Crosley Law team is known for working with medical experts and staying up-to-date on cutting edge science. 

In one notable case, after a client who had clearly suffered significant symptoms had his TBI claim denied by the insurance case, our team spoke with dozens of brain injury experts nationwide and eventually connected with a research team using an advanced MEG scanner. They agreed to scan our client, and it revealed significant trauma that hadn’t shown up on the MRI or EEG. The result? A record-breaking jury award for our client.  

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Calculating a Fair Settlement 

How much should you ask for from the insurance company? What’s fair? What should you be willing to accept? If you don’t know how damages are calculated after car accidents, you may not have any idea. And if you settle for too little, you’ll likely run out of cash with significant bills still left to pay—and no way to sue for more. 

Damages you may be eligible to receive include: 

  • Medical bills, both past and future 
  • Lost wages and reduced future earning capacity 
  • Pain and suffering damages (such as physical pain, mental anguish, loss of ability to pursue your interests or goals, and overall reduced quality of life) 
  • Funeral and burial expenses 

Estimating future medical expenses and earning capacity accurately isn’t a simple matter. And of course, putting a “fair” price tag on pain and suffering is extremely subjective. 

An experienced attorney will know how similar cases in the past have been awarded, and will know how to collect evidence and argue your case to maximize your potential payout. 

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Negotiating With the Insurance Company on Your Behalf 

Soon after you begin your car accident claim, you’ll be contacted by an adjuster from the insurance company. Their job, in a nutshell, is to try to poke holes in your case and help the insurer wriggle out of its financial obligations to you. And if you aren’t prepared for their tactics, you may accidentally tell them something that can be used against you or make you look dishonest.  

The last thing you want to be worried about while you’re trying to recover from serious injuries is more headaches from the insurance company. Your personal injury lawyer can protect you by handling the negotiations on your behalf, making appropriate demands, filing all necessary paperwork—and, if the insurance company is unwilling to make a fair offer, filing a personal injury lawsuit with the appropriate court. 

Filing an Auto Accident Lawsuit in New Braunfels? You Need an Expert by Your Side 

Even though all personal injury cases are tried according to Texas law and should theoretically be held to the same standard, the truth is that some judges and juries tend to be friendlier to plaintiffs, and others tend to be friendlier to defendants. What counts as “fair compensation” to a New Braunfels jury might not be the same as in San Antonio. 

Unfortunately, New Braunfels and Comal County are generally considered to be difficult venues for plaintiffs making car accident claims. That doesn’t necessarily mean your car wreck case is hopeless, of course. But even with all the facts on your side, and an exceptional car accident attorney representing your interests, jury verdicts in New Braunfels tend to be on the lower side when compared to the state average. 

Another thing to consider is court backlogs. In the last 20 years, New Braunfels and the surrounding communities in the I-35 corridor have grown at a rapid pace. Since 2000, the population of Comal County has more than doubled, while New Braunfels has nearly tripled. And unfortunately, the capacity of the court system in the region has yet to catch up. So, you may be waiting a long time to get your day in court and finally get a payout for your medical bills, lost wages, out-of-pocket costs, and other damages. 

An Experienced New Braunfels Car Accident Lawyer Can Make a Difference in Your Claim 

So, how do you fight back against these challenges? By working with a car accident lawyer who has a proven track record in New Braunfels and Comal County.  

Crosley Law has represented car accident victims in New Braunfels for decades, helping them get the compensation they deserve. We use our remarkable track record and reputation to settle cases faster than the state average—and we have a history of winning over skeptical Comal County jurors. 

For example, we represented Joe after a young driver did not yield the right of way and made a left turn into his truck. His injuries required significant medical care, and his bills exceeded the at-fault driver’s insurance policies. Thankfully, Joe had uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage. We helped him file insurance claims with both companies. 

However, the insurers saw an opportunity to deny Joe’s personal injury claim: 

  • The young woman who injured him was likable. 
  • Joe was Spanish-speaking and had a pre-existing back condition. 
  • The adjusters thought Comal County’s jurors would favor them. 

Even though our New Braunfels car accident lawyers were convinced that Joe did nothing wrong, the insurance companies tried to pin 20% of the blame on him and denied his claims. 

Our team went to work, investigating every element of Joe’s case, calculating his damages, and leveraging our stellar reputation. The insurance companies, when faced with the possibility of litigation, settled Joe’s claims for $121,500. 

Hurt in New Braunfels? Contact Crosley Law Today 

Our car accident attorneys represent clients throughout Greater San Antonio and beyond, including New Braunfels and other communities along the I-35 corridor.  

We work tirelessly to give accident victims every possible advantage in their personal injury case—from conducting thorough investigations to using cutting-edge research to bringing cases in the courts where they’re most likely to be successful. We use our extensive knowledge of Texas law and the local court system, as well as our determination to go the extra mile, to help get the best possible settlements for our clients. 

To request your free consultation with Crosley Law, simply complete our simple contact form or call our office at 210-LAW-3000 | 210-529-3000

The content provided here is for informational purposes only and should not be construed as legal advice on any subject. 


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