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Crosley Settles a Case for a Client Involved in Two Car Accidents

Written by Tom Crosley
Client Stories

On March 5, 2013, The Crosley Law Firm settled a case where our client was involved in two separate, serious car accidents within a span of six weeks. Our client, a 50 year-old woman, suffered serious back injuries in the collisions, for which she underwent multiple lumbar laminectomy surgeries. As a result she lost significant income at her business. Photographic evidence showed that our client’s first accident involved higher speeds and more vehicle damage. Both of the at-fault drivers were under-insured and had exceeded their minimum-limits policies long before the Crosley Law Firm was involved.

The Crosley Law Firm attorneys advise those who are injured in more than one car wreck to retain us on all related claims rather than trying to settle the “easy” claims on their own.  This removes any risk that an injured person will release claims or waive rights that limit their ability to fully pursue other claims.

Crosley Law Firm filed a lawsuit against the client’s UM/UIM insurance company and began building a case for her significant monetary losses related to the crash. We worked closely with her treating physicians and hired an expert life care planner to project her future medical needs. We also developed a model for her lost earnings that presented her complex compensation formula in clear and simple terms.

The Crosley Law Firm was able to secure a larger UM/UIM settlement on our client’s second accident than the client alone was able to get on the first one, despite evidence that the first accident was more severe. Her settlement covered all of her past and future medical costs, as well as a large part of her total lost earnings.

This case is a perfect example of why the Crosley Law Firm attorneys advise all Texas drivers to carry as much UM/UIM coverage as possible. Without a high limits UM/UIM policy, our client would never have received the proper settlements after being involved in car accidents with two different negligent drivers.



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