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Lack of Safety Precautions can Lead to Fatal Motorcycle Accidents

Written by Tom Crosley
Motorcycle & Bicycle Accidents, Vehicle Wrecks

San Antonio accident attorneys know that every year, motorcycle accidents claim the lives of Texans. A lack of basic safety precautions causes many of these fatal motorcycle accidents. Follow the safety precautions listed below to ensure that you can enjoy the freedom and challenge of riding motorcycles for many years to come.

Take a motorcycle safety course. There are several motorcycle safety courses available in the San Antonio area. A significant number of motorcycle accidents occur simply because the rider is inexperienced. Make sure you learn how to properly operate your motorcycle by participating in a motorcycle safety course before taking to the roads.

Don’t drink and ride. In 2009, over 30% of motorcycle accidents in America involved a rider who had recently been drinking alcohol. If these riders had avoided alcohol before getting back on the road, many lives could have been saved and injuries prevented.

Watch your speed. A motorcycle ride can be thrilling, but reckless driving can lead to severe motorcycle accidents. Riding your motorcycle within the speed limit could prevent a joyride from turning into a fatal event.

Wear a helmet. A 2010 study published in the Southern Medical Journal showed that fatal motorcycle accidents increased 30% after the mandatory helmet law was repealed in Texas. Although motorcycle helmets are now only required for Texas riders under 21, numerous studies have proven that wearing a helmet will increase your chances of survival in a motorcycle accident. Wearing a helmet could also prevent a traumatic brain injury.

Maximize your visibility. Many motorcycle accidents occur when cars pull out into the road right in front of motorcycles. The safest riders are aware that drivers of cars and trucks can easily fail to see a motorcycle on the road. You can maximize your visibility by wearing reflective gear and always using your headlights.

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