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Kelly B.’s Story

18-Wheeler Turns a Surgeon’s Life Upside-Down

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Kelly’s future looked bright. An accomplished and hard-working student, she was headed home after celebrating the end of her general surgery residency and a new job on the coast. When she was about 20 minutes from home, Kelly stopped in traffic — and that’s when a distracted truck driver rear-ended her SUV.

Kelly’s small SUV launched forward and struck another vehicle, a pickup truck towing a trailer. The force of the collision crumpled the entire back of Kelly’s vehicle, shattered the rear window, and bent the roof.

The next thing Kelly remembered, she was waking up in the hospital. During the crash, Kelly broke her leg and wrist and suffered a concussion. In less than 24 hours, she underwent two surgeries.

Kelly Struggles With Injuries and Lost Independence

As a general surgery resident, Kelly had a lot of experience caring for trauma patients. Compared to many of her patients, she felt lucky. “I’ve seen a lot worse,” she notes.

However, Kelly’s job had been to stabilize trauma victims, and she had never experienced the recovery process herself. She did not expect such a profound emotional toll after the crash.

An independent, self-proclaimed “control freak,” Kelly had to move back in with her mother for several months. Her wrist and leg fractures were on the same side, so she could not use crutches. Her days could no longer involve caring for her patients and taking long runs. Instead, she would move from her bed to her wheelchair to a recliner.

Kelly compared her day-to-day existence to the Alfred Hitchcock film Rear Window, where a man becomes confined to his home due to a broken leg and spends his time watching other people from afar. She became socially isolated and frustrated.

To make matters worse, because she had not yet started her job, she had no health insurance to cover her injuries.

Crosley Law Empowers and Educates Kelly During a Challenging Time

Kelly was skeptical of the flashy lawyer ads she saw on billboards and television. Instead of relying on ads, she wanted a reliable referral. Luckily, while Kelly was still in the hospital, her parents called her godmother, a respected member of San Antonio’s legal community. When her parents asked for a recommendation, her godmother gave them Tom Crosley’s name.

Kelly met with the Crosley Law team, and the team impressed her with their competence, professionalism, and ongoing willingness to educate her. For example, Kelly felt anxious about an upcoming mediation where she and her lawyers would try to resolve her claims. To calm her fears, the Crosley Law team patiently outlined what she could expect and what she would need to do. Kelly says she trusted Crosley Law without hesitation.

During the mediation process, Kelly realized she had regained her confidence. She felt back in control, and she no longer struggled with the fear and uncertainty that haunted her early on in her recovery.

“Word of mouth about this law firm from people well-versed in the legal world here in San Antonio, along with my personal experience, is why I would very much recommend Tom Crosley,” she says.

Eventually, Kelly reached a settlement with the truck driver’s insurer and her underinsured motorist (UIM) and personal injury protection (PIP) insurer for a total of $1,005,000. Even more importantly, she is back doing the thing she loves: helping other people during some of their most challenging moments.

When asked whether she would recommend Crosley Law to a friend or patient, Kelly says, “God, yes! Of course.” Kelly also notes that her high opinion of Crosley Law has been confirmed by other medical providers and legal professionals in San Antonio.

“Word of mouth about this law firm from people well-versed in the legal world here in San Antonio, along with my personal experience, is why I would very much recommend Tom Crosley,” she says.

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