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Stuart R.’s Story

A Distracted Driver Runs Over an Innocent Pedestrian

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Stuart R., a college professor, was walking through a Home Depot parking lot on a rainy night. Suddenly, a parked car started moving at an increasing speed. The driver was texting and had not bothered to turn on his headlights or windshield wipers. 

Stuart’s spouse, who was slightly ahead of him, shouted out a warning. Stuart tried to get out of the way, but the vehicle ran over both of his feet. 

“I was able to step back,” says Stuart, “or I would have been absolutely t-boned. I would have been driven over instead of him just driving over my two feet.” 

While he was lucky to be alive, Stuart needed immediate medical attention. EMS brought him to a nearby hospital, and doctors diagnosed multiple fractures in his feet and ankles. He underwent an 11-hour surgery the next day. 

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Stuart’s Injuries Required a Wheelchair and Extensive Pain Medication

The Toyota Camry than ran over Stuart weighed more than 3,200 pounds and that force shattered his feet and ankles. During his extensive surgery, doctors inserted screws and plates into his ankles and feet, hoping to piece them back together.  

After several days in the hospital, he was transferred to a rehabilitation center. For two weeks, Stuart received nursing care and therapy that helped him build up enough strength to go home. Still, Stuart faced a long and difficult recovery. 

Compared to some other body parts, feet and ankles don’t have as much blood flow, making them prone to infection and slow to heal. To give Stuart the best possible chance of recovering, his doctors prescribed a wheelchair and told him that he could not bear weight on either foot. He also had to spend much of his day with his feet elevated to improve blood flow. 

Stuart relied on his home health aides and his husband for almost everything until his doctors cleared him to walk in a protective boot. He was given extensive pain medication and prescribed strengthening exercises, along with occupational and physical therapy.

“Between the surgeries, numerous check-in appointments, prescriptions, and mobility aids, Stuart racked up over $90,000 in total medical bills. Thankfully, a former student suggested he speak to the attorneys at Crosley Law”

Crosley Law Helps Stuart Get the Compensation He Needed to Pay His Bills

Our team quickly went to action, ordering medical records, contacting the driver’s insurance company, and demanding a settlement for their full policy limits. Within less than a year, we negotiated a policy-limits settlement from the at-fault driver’s insurance company for the maximum amount payable under the driver’s auto liability coverage. We also negotiated significant discounts with Stuart’s health insurers on the amounts he was required to repay from his settlement.  

Stuart was very pleased with Crosley Law’s client experience and willingness to communicate. He says, “I know the people. I know the work they do. They educated me… I wouldn’t think twice about recommending Tom and his crew.” 

Crosley Law: Standing Up for Vulnerable Road Users

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