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Shalyn S.’s Story

A Mother Delays Treatment to Protect Her Child

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It happened so quickly. Shalyn was driving her car and entered an intersection. Suddenly, another driver ran a stop sign and smashed into the front passenger side of Shalyn’s vehicle. The airbags activated, and she quickly began to feel pain in her neck and back.

The police cited the other driver and called a tow truck for Shalyn’s badly damaged vehicle. Shalyn went home, hoping that her sore neck would resolve after a good night’s sleep. Unfortunately, her pain only got worse.

Herniated Discs Cause Pain and Uncertainty

The day after the car wreck, Shalyn went to the San Antonio Military Medical Center for care. (Her husband is an active military member.) Initially, Shalyn’s doctors thought she had sprained her neck and irritated her spinal nerves. Shalyn tried medications, physical therapy, and other treatment options, but nothing seemed to help. Neck and back pain were keeping her up at night, and simple tasks like driving and picking up her children made her pain even worse. Even her arms started to feel weak.

Eventually, Shalyn’s doctors scheduled her for an MRI of her neck. The imaging study clearly showed two herniated discs at C5-6 and C6-7, which were pressing on her nerves. Shalyn, who had never experienced severe back pain before the car crash, was sent to a neurosurgeon.

Based on her symptoms and the MRI films, the neurosurgeon suggested a course of treatment that would start with trigger point injections and medications. The neurosurgeon warned her that she would likely need surgery. However, Shalyn discovered she was pregnant, and that put all of her back treatment on hold.

In pain and unsure what to do next, Shalyn called Crosley Law.

Crosley Law Takes Action to Protect Shalyn’s Claims

When we met with Shalyn, we knew liability was clear. The other driver ignored a stop sign and barreled into Shalyn’s vehicle, damaging her neck and changing her life forever. However, we were facing a time constraint: Shalyn desperately needed more medical care, but she had to wait until after the birth of her baby.

Because the statute of limitations (the filing deadline for personal injury claims) was fast approaching, our injury lawyers filed a lawsuit on her behalf. This action protected Shalyn’s legal claims and gave her peace of mind throughout her pregnancy.

Within weeks of giving birth to a healthy newborn, Shalyn began an aggressive treatment plan for her neck. She underwent trigger point and epidural steroid injections, medications, and met with chronic pain specialists. None of it helped for long.

Finally, Shalyn’s doctors told her she needed fusion surgery at both the C5-6 and C6-7 levels of her spine. Even though she had done her best to avoid surgery, she had no choice.

Even before her operation, Crosley Law was aggressively fighting on Shalyn’s behalf. We knew she had enough to deal with, so we wanted to resolve her case quickly and fairly. Our personal injury lawyers negotiated back and forth with USAA, the insurance company that covered the at-fault driver. We continually kept USAA’s adjuster updated on Shalyn’s medical condition and demanded that the insurer pay out the policy’s full limits.

Shortly before Shalyn’s spinal fusion surgery, USAA agreed to pay $100,000, which was the at-fault driver’s policy limit. We also negotiated with her medical providers, who agreed to significant reductions in their total bills.

“Shalyn and her family were great clients,” says Attorney Jarryd Morton. “She endured a lot due to the crash, and it was an honor to help them get the compensation they deserved.”

Crosley Law: Fighting for Crash Victims in San Antonio

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