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Crosley Law Gets an Injured Mom the Compensation She Deserves

A Head-On Collision in an Intersection Changed Natalie’s Life

41-year-old Natalie L. was driving straight through an intersection when another driver failed to yield the right of way and turned left in front of her, striking Natalie’s SUV head-on.

Rather than waiting for a green turn arrow, the negligent driver failed to pay attention to her surroundings and attempted to turn left on a flashing yellow light. In her impatience, the other driver turned too quickly, and she was unable to apply her brakes in time to avoid striking Natalie’s vehicle. The driver’s failure to yield to oncoming traffic put her clearly in the wrong and put Natalie in the hospital.

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Wrist and Back Injuries Impact Her Ability to Work and Care for Her Child

Despite Natalie wearing her seatbelt and her vehicle’s airbags deploying, she still suffered injuries that seriously impacted her life. Natalie sought medical treatment after her crash due to an aching, burning pain in her mid-back, neck, and left wrist, loss of function in her wrist, and chronic headaches. Doctors diagnosed her with:

  • Concussion
  • Broken left wrist and hand
  • Torn ligaments and soft tissues in her left wrist
  • Cervical sprain and strain
  • Multiple herniated discs in her neck and mid-back
  • Chronic muscle pain disorder and muscle spasms

She underwent intense physical therapy, chiropractic care, a painful epidural steroid injection, and had to wear a cumbersome brace on her left arm.

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Although her back and neck injuries caused her significant pain and restricted her activities, it was her broken wrist that caused her the most hardship and emotional anguish.

“I’m a chef,” said Natalie, “using my hands is pretty important, and I couldn’t do anything, I couldn’t lift pans, I couldn’t drain pans, I couldn’t pour anything, I couldn’t mix anything, I couldn’t move anything, I couldn’t even hold my son’s hand.”

Natalie Turned to Crosley Law for Help

Due to the crash, Natalie owed more than $21,000 in medical bills. She didn’t want to navigate the complex world of insurance claims on her own and turned to Crosley Law to get the compensation she deserved.

Crosley Law quickly went to work, identifying several insurance policies that coverage Natalie’s injuries, including the negligent driver’s liability policy and Natalie’s personal injury protection (PIP) coverage. Her lawyers then gathered significant evidence and advocated on her behalf. Less than a year after Natalie’s accident, Crosley Law had negotiated two settlements—both of which reached the policy’s limits.

After paying her legal fees and considerable medical expenses, Natalie received a net total of $10,006 in compensation. She was very pleased with her settlement and with Crosley Law’s dedication, “They get everything done, and they actually care. And even after my case has been closed, we’re still in contact, because they still care.”

Crosley Law: We Go the Extra Mile for San Antonio Crash Victims

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, around 36% of all crashes are intersection crashes, and like Natalie’s crash, many of them are caused by impatient or distracted drivers. If you or a loved one suffered injuries during an intersection crash, call Crosley Law today. Our experienced accident attorneys will analyze your case and advise you on your best course of action.

We pride ourselves on our exceptional client experience and treat everyone with the respect they deserve. Schedule your free consultation today by calling 210-LAW-3000 | 210-529-3000 or filling out our easy online form.


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