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Booker W.’s Story

Car Accident Victim Quickly Settles His Claims With Help From Crosley Law

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A Reckless Driver Rear-Ends Booker W. at a Yield Sign

54-year-old Booker W. of San Antonio, Texas was stopped at a yield sign on AT&T Center Parkway waiting for traffic to pass when a distracted and inattentive driver suddenly rear-ended his vehicle. Booker injured his back in the crash, and he later received appropriate medical care for his injuries.

At the scene of the accident, the police cited the at-fault driver for failing to pay attention to her surroundings and not applying the brakes in time to prevent the crash.

Booker’s Crash Causes Disabling Back Injuries

Booker immediately went to the hospital after the collision. The ER doctors identified degeneration in his low back, a slipped vertebra, and muscle spasms. Unfortunately, Booker’s pain did not improve over time, and he began to experience shooting pain down his leg.

His doctors ordered a variety of imaging studies, chiropractic care, and a series of steroid injections aimed at improving his chronic pain. All of his therapy and treatment resulted in nearly $32,000 in medical bills.

Unfortunately, Booker’s recovery progressed slower than expected due to the extent of his injuries. He quickly realized that he might never recover the quality of life he had before the crash.

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In addition to his pain and medical expenses, Booker’s condition had a drastic impact on his livelihood and quality of life. Because sitting for long periods caused him pain, Booker was unable to work as a rideshare driver for Uber and missed months of work and income.

Before his crash, Booker was also on a weight loss journey and enjoyed taking long walks. His back injuries caused him daily pain, making even basic activities like walking difficult. In addition to not being able to enjoy walks and continue working to improve his weight, Booker could no longer attend church in his capacity as a deacon.

Another concern Booker had during his recovery process was that he would be unable to attend his daughter’s wedding in Florida. Due to his injuries, traveling to Florida became a daunting and seemingly impossible task.

Crosley Law Helped Booker Get the Compensation He Deserved, And Got Him to His Daughter’s Wedding

Because the at-fault driver was underinsured, Booker worried about how he was going to recover enough compensation to cover all his medical and therapy bills, in addition to the damage to his vehicle. Thankfully, he turned to Crosley Law Firm for help.

After just a few meetings, Booker knew he was in good hands. Crosley Law took his case and immediately went into action, ordering and reviewing Booker’s medical records and creating a settlement strategy.

As part of his auto insurance policy, Booker had purchased personal injury protection (PIP) and uninsured/underinsured motorist (UM/UIM) coverage. In addition to filing a claim with the at-fault driver’s insurance company, Crosley Law also filed PIP and UIM claims with Booker’s insurer. The Crosley Law team negotiated a settlement package that reached the policies’ limits and got Booker the PIP benefits he deserved.

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With Crosley Law’s insight and aggressive tactics, the case reached a fair settlement in less than nine months with minimal case costs. Crosley Law was able to get Booker $52,500 in total settlements.

Crosley Law even went above and beyond and helped arrange transportation for Booker to travel to Florida, allowing him to spend a week with his daughter and family over Christmas and attend her wedding!

Booker was extremely grateful for everything his legal team did for him. He comments, “It was a beautiful wedding, beautiful everything,” states Booker, “If it wasn’t for Crosley Law Firm, I probably would never have made it.”

“It was a beautiful wedding, beautiful everything,” states Booker, “If it wasn’t for Crosley Law Firm, I probably would never have made it.”

Crosley Law: Getting Quick Results for San Antonio Crash Victims

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