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David's Story

Car Crash Victim Fights Insurance Company and Wins with Crosley Law

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A Careless Driver Causes Serious Harm

David C. was driving to work early one morning. At an intersection, another driver suddenly turned left and crashed into David’s new BMW. The impact was so strong that the other driver’s car bounced off David’s vehicle and hit another car!

David’s vehicle was totaled. He also developed severe low back and neck pain. MRIs of his neck and back showed herniated and bulging discs. The herniated disc in his low back pressed on two different nerves, causing severe pain and limited his activity. The tests also showed evidence of severe post-traumatic muscle spasm.

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Initially, David wasn’t sure he wanted to work with a personal injury lawyer on his insurance claim. However, a police officer friend encouraged him to contact Crosley Law.

The Insurance Companies Unfairly Try to Shift Blame

Texas applies the concept of comparative negligence to personal injury claims. If you contribute to a car crash, the insurance company can reduce your compensation by your percentage of fault. For example, if your compensation came to a total of $10,000 but you were 25% at fault, you would only get $7,500 because of your role in your own injuries.

And if you’re more than 50% at-fault for a crash, you lose your right to compensation.

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Because of this rule, insurance companies often try to unfairly shift blame onto an innocent driver. If they can convince a jury that the victim was to blame for part of the crash, it will reduce the amount they must pay. In David’s case, GEICO (the careless driver’s insurer) and David’s own personal underinsured motorist carrier (Texas Farm Bureau) tried to do this.

Thankfully, David had Crosley Law by his side.

Crosley Law’s Team Delivers Exceptional Service and Results

Crosley Law takes a professional and personalized approach to car accident claims. Along with teams of trial attorneys, they have a prelitigation team of skilled administrators, investigators, and lawyers. This team prepares claims and attempts to resolve them before filing a lawsuit.

In David’s case, the prelitigation team and Crosley Law attorney Jarryd Morton carefully investigated the crash. A witness claimed that David had been speeding at the time of the crash. Even though police had assigned 100% of fault for the collision to the other driver, the insurance companies used this witness’ opinion to dispute David’s claims.

Jarryd quickly realized that the witness’ statement was flawed. First, the witness had nearly been stopped at the time of the crash and was watching David’s driving from his rear-view mirror. Gauging another driver’s speed from this vantage point is difficult, if not impossible. Second, the witness thought the speed limit was ten miles slower than the posted limit. With a thorough investigation, Crosley Law proved that David was driving at or near the speed limit and had done nothing wrong.

Crosley Law also carefully calculated the compensation David deserved for his injuries. Jarryd and the prelitigation team compiled and reviewed all of his bills, including those for David’s MRI studies and a series of steroid injections he endured. They also documented his doctor’s recommendations for a future low back surgery that could alleviate the pressure on his nerve roots and stabilize his back.

The average Texas personal injury case takes at least 18 months to resolve. But within less than a year, Crosley Law helped David settle both his liability and underinsured motorist claims. GEICO paid its insured’s full policy limit of $30,001.00 and Texas Farm Bureau paid $22,500.00, leading to $52,501.00 in total settlement money.

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David was thrilled with the service and results he got from Crosley Law. He considers Jarryd and the Crosley Law team to be friends, noting “I’d invite them over for dinner!” He also noted, “The communication was always there. Any time I had questions, they always answered them, informed me, and kept me up to date. It made this process very simple.”

This sentiment was mirrored by Tom Crosley, who commented, “At Crosley Law, it is important to us that every client in every case be treated with respect, that their phone calls are returned in a timely manner, and that they’re constantly kept informed of what’s happening in the case.” Both Tom and Jarryd were delighted to assist David and help him recover the compensation he deserved after being injured by someone else in a car crash.

Crosley Law: Dedicated San Antonio Car Accident Lawyers

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