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Shelby and Sarah’s Story

Crosley Law Firm Helps Shelby J. and Sarah M. After Crash Caused by Negligent Driver

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In March, Shelby J. and Sarah M. had stopped at a red light when they heard a loud screeching noise and then felt a crushing impact from behind. A negligent driver was not paying proper attention to the roadway, and, as a result, the driver rear-ended Shelby’s car.

The aftermath of the crash dramatically changed both women’s lives. Each suffered injuries in the collision, and their pain and physical health issues disrupted their daily routines and kept them from performing regular work duties.

Shelby’s Injuries

After the collision, Shelby experienced debilitating back pain that extended into her shoulder and hip. She also suffered from several spinal disc herniations and a disc bulge. Shelby had difficulty getting medical treatment due to the recent expiration of her medical benefits and her lack of financial means.

Shelby began a conservative treatment plan that included chiropractic adjustments, cryotherapy, moist heat packs, electronic muscle stimulation, intersegmental spinal traction, massage therapy, physical therapy, and pain medication. Despite the treatment, though, Shelby’s back, neck, and nerve pain only increased in frequency and intensity. A pain management specialist recommended additional treatment that included epidural steroid injections and indicated Shelby would likely need surgery in the future.

Taking her existing medical expenses of about $20,000 and then factoring in $7,500 in expected future medical bills, Shelby was facing nearly $30,000 in total medical expenses because of her injury. On top of her medical bills, Shelby was also concerned she would experience persistent pain for the rest of her life and that her injuries would affect her ability to have children.

Shelby was facing nearly $30,000 in total medical expenses because of her injury.

Sarah’s Injuries

As the passenger, Sarah M. initially sustained whiplash-type injuries. Upon impact, Sarah’s body jerked forward and she hit her head against the headrest. In the days after the crash, her back and neck pain worsened, and she suffered from bulged and herniated spinal discs.

Like Shelby, Sarah started on a conservative treatment plan that included physical therapy, massage therapy, chiropractic manipulations, exercise and stretches, and pain medication. Unfortunately, the treatment didn’t help with Sarah’s constant pain, and her doctor referred her to a pain management specialist so she could receive epidural steroid injections and more pain medication.

Today, Sarah is unable to maintain the active lifestyle she used to enjoy because of persistent and frequent neck and back pain, muscle tightness, muscle spasms, and a limited range of motion. She also suffers from frequent headaches, muscle stiffness, tingling, and numbness.

Sarah, like Shelby, also incurred an overwhelming amount of medical bills—nearly $20,000 plus an additional $6,000 in expected future medical expenses for more pain management injections and physical therapy.

Shelby and Sarah didn’t know what to do, but they knew they would need help from an experienced personal injury and car accident lawyer to get the compensation they needed and deserved. To get that help, they called Crosley Law Firm.

Crosley Law Firm Secures Financial Recovery for Shelby and Sarah

“Shelby and Sarah were rear-ended at a high rate of speed,” said Attorney Tom Crosley of Crosley Law Firm. “While their injuries are not always outwardly visible, the persistent pain Sarah and Shelby feel permeates every aspect of their lives.”

The attorneys at Crosley Law Firm know exactly how devastating and far-reaching the after-effects of a car crash can be, no matter how big or small the collision seems at first. That’s why the Crosley legal team works with medical experts and uses skillful negotiation techniques to get clients like Shelby and Sarah the compensation they need for their injuries.

“Helping clients like Shelby and Sarah achieve financial recovery so they can get their lives on track is why we do what we do,” added Tom Crosley. “Careless driving can have devastating consequences for our community, and we must hold negligent drivers accountable for their actions.”

“Crosley Law Firm was amazing!!! It was nearly a year after my accident when I was to the point I didn’t know what to do and I found them online and figured I it wouldn’t hurt just to see what my options were. Crosley Law Firm helped me get the treatment I needed and won me the settlement I deserved. I would recommend them to anyone in need of the perfect lawyer.”

– Shelby

Crosley Law Firm: Fighting on Behalf of Car Accident Victims

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