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Jamie’s Story

Crosley Employee Suffers Serious Back Injury

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Last summer, we published a blog about how “minor” car crashes can cause major back injuries. At the time, we never thought that one of our own employees would find out just how true that was.

Crosley Law records coordinator Jamie G.’s story is eerily similar to the hypothetical situation we described in our previous blog. Stopped for traffic, Jamie was rear-ended by another driver. While the damage to her car was negligible, the so-called “minor” car crash caused severe injury to her back.

The difference between her story and the hypothetical one? Jamie knew to seek medical and legal help right away.

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Crosley Law Employee Rear-Ended in Stop-and-Go Traffic

Stopped for traffic, Jamie reports that the driver behind her claims to have dropped something in her vehicle, causing the car to shift gears and accelerate into the back of Jamie’s Camry. At first glance, the defendant and witnesses likely thought the crash was a minor one. Jamie’s vehicle only had a few trivial scratches and dents — a mere annoyance to get fixed.

However, damage to a vehicle isn’t always an accurate indication of the severity of a collision. The human body is far more susceptible to injury than a 3,000-pound metal vehicle. Despite the condition of her vehicle, Jamie was in a lot of pain after the crash. Knowing the importance of immediate medical attention after a collision, she got herself checked out at the hospital right away.

RELATED ARTICLE: Can A “Minor” Car Crash Cause Serious Back Injuries? 

“The difference between her story and the hypothetical one? Jamie knew to seek medical and legal help right away.”

Jamie Suffered Serious Injuries From Her “Minor” Crash

Jamie suffered damage to the cervical (upper) and lumbar (lower) regions of her spine. MRIs and other exams showed that she had serious spinal damage — including torn muscles, inflamed spinal discs, and narrowing of the spine.

  • Muscle Strains and Spasms: While a back strain might not sound like a serious injury, it can cause extreme lower back pain and progress into muscle spasms — as Jamie’s did. Spasms can cause additional pain, difficulty moving, and are common back injuries in rear-end collisions.
  • Disc Protrusions and Herniations: Spinal disc protrusions (also called herniations) occur when the discs that cushion the vertebrae become weakened and bulge out or inflame. A herniated disc can affect the vertebrae and nerves in the spine and cause intense pain.
  • Spinal Stenosis: Spinal stenosis refers to the narrowing of the openings between the vertebra and the spine. While often a degenerative disease, existing stenosis can make back injuries worse, and car crashes can also eventually cause spinal stenosis.

If left untreated, back injuries from car crashes tend to worsen drastically, causing debilitating pain and even disability. Jamie was very fortunate that none of her injuries caused any permanent damage. However, her injuries did result in a significant amount of pain and required several epidural injections, medical procedures, exams, physical therapy sessions, and pain management services and medications.

Jamie’s medical bills were nearly $25,000, but she knew exactly where to go for help. 

Jamie Knew She Was in Good Hands With Crosley’s Attorneys

As a Crosley Law employee, Jamie knew precisely where to turn to get the compensation she needed to pay her medical bills and other expenses. In addition to collecting on her personal injury protection insurance (PIP), Crosley Law’s experienced team of attorneys were able to get Jamie the full policy limits on the other driver’s liability insurance.

However, the driver who rear-ended Jamie’s vehicle was underinsured, making it more difficult to collect fair compensation. Crosley Law filed a claim under Jamie’s UIM coverage and was able to reach a policy limits settlement on that portion of the case as well.

Jamie’s case resulted in payments from the three insurance claims, representing the entire insurance policy limits available to her. After paying her medical and other expenses, Jamie reports that she was very pleased with her settlement and is now well on her way to recovering both financially and physically.

Crosley Law | Experienced Spine Injury Attorneys

At Crosley Law Firm, our attorneys have experience handling complex spine injury cases resulting from car crashes and other incidents. We understand the science behind these injuries and use sophisticated techniques, medical reports, and other documentation to reinforce our clients’ claims and get them the full compensation they deserve.

If you’ve suffered a spine injury from a car crash, you should contact the skilled and experienced attorneys at Crosley Law who know exactly how to handle your case.  

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