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Crosley Law Firm Gets Car Crash Victim With Broken Neck a Settlement

A Car Accident Makes a Bright Future Uncertain

Kayla was an 18-year-old high school cheerleader considering her college options and enjoying her senior year in Scottsdale, Arizona. She was riding in the back seat of another teenager’s car when the driver suddenly veered off the road. He struck a large, concrete-reinforced mailbox, knocked it over, and flipped his vehicle.

Car Crash Victim With Broken Neck

Kayla was knocked unconscious during the collision, fractured the C1 vertebra in her neck, and suffered a large gash across her forehead. She was immediately taken to a nearby hospital for emergency medical treatment.

A Broken Neck Can Cause Permanent Damage and Requires Intensive Medical Treatment

While a broken neck is always a serious injury, C1 neck fractures can be catastrophic. Your C1 vertebra, sometimes called the atlas, connects your head to your spine. Due to its close proximity to your spinal cord and brain, a C1 fracture can cause serious neurological damage (including death and complete paralysis). Thankfully, Kayla’s C1 fracture was nondisplaced. That means the bone broke all or part of the way through, but it stayed aligned and did not sever her spinal cord.

Still, she needed intensive medical care, including a lengthy hospital stay, and she ended up with $43,907 in accident-related medical bills. She also wore a hard neck brace for weeks and missed the remainder of her senior year. What had been a time filled with excitement and opportunity suddenly felt overwhelming and uncertain.

Crosley Law Firm’s Quick and Thorough Investigation Gets Results

Shortly after the wreck, Kayla’s parents contacted attorney Tom Crosley. The collision was caused because the teen driver was distracted, texting on his phone rather than paying attention to the road. While Arizona did not ban texting while driving at the time of this crash, the driver’s actions were still negligent. If the driver had been paying attention to the road, he would have avoided the collision and Kayla’s serious injuries

Tom Crosley and his team went into action immediately to investigate the claim. This included reviewing Kayla’s extensive medical records and talking with her neurosurgeon. Armed with compelling evidence, Crosley Law Firm negotiated with multiple insurance companies, resolved Kayla’s medical bills and liens, and reached a fair settlement within five months of the accident. The average car accident claim typically takes two years to conclude.

Tom Crosley helped Kayla quickly and fairly resolve her claim so she could refocus on her future. Thankfully, her broken neck healed well, and she was able to enter college and move forward with her life. While her neck will never be the same and she will likely have ongoing problems (especially as she ages), Crosley Law Firm helped her regain control and rebuild after a terrifying car accident.


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