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Scot’s Story

Crosley Law Helps Car Crash Injury Victim Get Multiple Settlements

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An Inexperienced Driver Makes a Catastrophic Decision

Scot R. was driving down a San Antonio highway and had a green light ahead of him. While he was in the center of the intersection, a teenage boy and his friend ignored the traffic signal and turned directly into Scot’s pickup.

Scot tried to avoid the collision, but the boys violently crashed into Scot’s Toyota Tundra, striking his passenger-side rear panel. During the collision, Scot’s truck was pushed across a lane of traffic and into another vehicle waiting at the cross-street’s intersection. In fact, the impact was so forceful that Scot’s pickup pushed that stopped car into the car behind it as well!

A Preexisting Condition Worsens and Proves Difficult to Treat

Unfortunately, Scot had preexisting back conditions. Before the car accident, Scot had undergone a spinal surgery procedure called a laminectomy. In a laminectomy, a bony part of the spine is removed, alleviating pressure on the spinal canal. After this surgery, he received several steroid injections into his lower back with very good results. He returned to his normal life and did not require back treatment for about six years — until the vehicle crash..

After the collision, Scot began to experience severe low back and right leg pain. A low back MRI peformed shortly after the accident showed significant injuries. The collision caused Scot’s L4-5 disc to herniate again, with a large disc fragment pressing on a nerve root. He also suffered a disc herniation at the level immediately below (L5-S1). This new herniation pressed on a different nerve root, causing additional back and leg pain.

In an attempt to avoid the risks associated with surgery, Scot tried several types of treatment, including physical therapy, chiropractic manipulation, medication, and epidural steroid injections. During an epidural steroid injection, a large syringe of steroids and other medications are injected into your spine with the goal of reducing pain and inflammation. Many patients experience excruciating pain during the injection process.

Scot underwent eight different epidural steroid injections after the accident, but he experienced little to no improvement in his pain. He feared he would have to undergo a fusion surgery, locking his spine in place with hardware from L4 to S1, something he wanted to avoid.

Crosley Law Firm Connects Scot With the Right Doctor and Resolves His Injury Claims

While representing Scot, Tom Crosley met a Harvard-trained physician who was new to the San Antonio area. Tom approached the doctor, asking him questions about Scot’s injuries. The doctor agreed to see Scot and try to help. Scot credits his improved health to Tom Crosley’s referral to this new specialist.

Additionally, Tom helped Scot resolve his liability and uninsured/underinsured motorist claims for $63,000.

According to Scot, Crosley Law Firm “represented me in such a great way, and they took such concern. They answered all of my questions and they relieved me of my fears and trepidations.”

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