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Larry’s Story

Crosley Law Helps a Bus Passenger After a Hit-and-Run Crash

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A Hit-and-Run Driver Smashes Into a Shuttle Bus, Causing Serious Injuries

Larry L., a 76-year-old San Antonio ophthalmologist, was visiting Dallas on business. While Larry was riding in a shuttle bus, a red sedan suddenly veered out of its lane and smashed into the bus. The shuttle did not have seatbelts for passengers.

The driver of the sedan drove away immediately after the collision. No witnesses managed to get the vehicle’s license plate number, and police never identified the driver.

Of the 24 people riding in the shuttle bus, 18 reported possible injuries to the police. Larry was one of the injured, and an ambulance quickly took him to a local hospital.

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Larry Requires Significant Medical Care for His Injuries

Immediately after the crash, emergency room doctors examined Larry’s chest, right leg and ankle, and head. They diagnosed Larry with a concussion and encouraged him to follow-up with his doctor. Unfortunately, Larry’s pain soon began to get worse.

Two days after the collision, Larry was back at the ER due to severe chest pain and trouble walking. CT scans showed that Larry had fractured a rib during the crash and was now suffering from a partially collapsed lung.

Over several weeks, Larry’s back pain also got worse. Less than a month after the hit-and-run crash, Larry’s doctors scheduled an MRI study of his lower back. The MRI showed that Larry had a series of compression fractures in his lower back as well as a spondylolisthesis (also known as a slipped vertebral body) and degenerative changes.

Doctors prescribed medications and a course of physical therapy for Larry. He also had to wear a rigid back brace, called a thoracolumbar sacral orthosis (TLSO), that went from his collarbones to his hips. Due to pain and mobility issues, Larry struggled to work or perform daily tasks. Before long, Larry owed more than $67,000 for his crash-related medical care.

Crosley Law Negotiates a Fair Settlement with the Insurance Company

Because the driver who caused the crash fled the scene, Larry filed an uninsured/underinsured motorist (UM/UIM) claim with the bus company’s insurer. Even though there was no question that the hit-and-run driver caused the wreck, the insurance company still tried to deny Larry’s injury claim.

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Thankfully, Larry’s cousin directed him to Crosley Law. Larry chose Crosley Law to handle his case, and Tom Crosley and his team immediately went to work.

Because there were 15 people on the shuttle bus who were injured in the crash, securing a fair settlement for Crosley Law’s client from the $500,000 in insurance proceeds was a difficult task. However, after intense negotiations, Crosley Law was able to obtain the largest portion of the insurance proceeds for Larry. The total settlement was $160,000.

Larry says he deeply appreciated the way Crosley Law guided him through his claim and kept in touch with him at every step of the journey.

“[The Crosley Law team] was ethical, loyal, and confidential,” Larry said. “They answered calls on the first ring or first text with great communication skills. They exude confidence, and they earn your trust. I would gladly refer new clients to Crosley Law.”

Crosley Law: Fighting for Texas Car Crash Victims

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