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McKenzie’s Story

Crosley Law Helps After She Was Hit by a Commercial Truck

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McKenzie S. was headed home for a quick break from her job. As she entered an intersection, a large commercial truck ignored a stop sign and abruptly turned left into her. The commercial truck t-boned her car, causing the airbags to deploy. The impact caused injuries to her head, face, and left hand.

In a lot of pain, McKenzie exited her vehicle. The commercial driver tried to convince her not to call 911, arguing that it was a non-emergency accident. Wisely, she ignored his request and called the authorities. In the end, her car was totaled because of the damage and she required significant medical attention.

A Broken Finger Changes McKenzie’s Life Forever

Initially, McKenzie didn’t realize how serious her left-hand injury was. But after a couple of days, the pain became increasingly severe and she returned to her doctor. An x-ray showed a severe spiral fracture in her left ring finger. She was immediately referred to a hand surgeon.

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McKenzie underwent a significant hand surgery, called an open reduction and internal fixation (ORIF). During the surgery, doctors placed screws and pins into her finger, trying to piece the broken bones back together so they would heal properly. She missed more than seven weeks of work while recovering from her injury.

While the surgery stabilized her finger, McKenzie still experiences daily pain and can no longer make a full fist with her left hand. She tried two rounds of physical therapy, but she has still not regained full function in her hand. She continues to struggle with basic tasks, including gripping a steering wheel, using a keyboard, and holding hands. The pain is a constant reminder of her crash.

Doctors also advised that she might need another surgery in the future.

Her Attempt to Settle the Case on Her Own Results in a Tiny Offer and a lot of Frustration

For almost a year, McKenzie’s family tried to resolve her liability claims on their own. The insurance company finally made a tiny settlement offer that barely covered her medical bills, arguing that it was “just a broken finger.” The insurance company was wrong.

Commercial vehicle crashes are more complex than those involving the typical car or pickup truck. Even though many companies carry sizeable insurance policies, they train their commercial drivers to deny liability and aggressively defend themselves. When a victim is not working with an attorney, the insurance company typically offers an unfairly low settlement in hopes that the victim will just give up and take the money.

Thankfully, McKenzie and her family didn’t fall for the insurance company’s tactics. Frustrated with their lack of progress, her father researched San Antonio personal injury lawyers. A successful businessman, he wanted McKenzie to find the right lawyer. They decided to contact Crosley Law.

Crosley Law Steps in and Gets McKenzie the Compensation She Deserved

The team at Crosley Law, including Tom Crosley and Jarryd Morton, immediately went into action. They knew that McKenzie’s claim didn’t just involve a broken finger. Tom Crosley explained, “Really, no case should ever be just a ‘fill-in-the-blank’ because, for that client, it can be a life-changing injury… It is our mission in every case, big or small, to do our absolute best for that client.”

They carefully investigated McKenzie’s crash and suspected that the commercial driver had been texting when he entered the intersection. Crosley Law also consulted with experts about the likelihood of another surgery in McKenzie’s future. Based on this evidence and the fact that McKenzie’s case involved a commercial driver, Crosley Law promptly filed a lawsuit.

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With pressure and hard evidence from Crosley Law, the commercial driver’s insurance company agreed to settle for $70,000.00, roughly ten times their initial settlement offer.

According to McKenzie, working with Crosley Law “was probably one of the most incredible experiences I’ve been a part of. They always had my best interests in mind.”

Crosley Law Stands Up to Commercial Drivers and Their Insurance Companies

Commercial drivers (and their employers) notoriously try to avoid liability after a crash. They might try to pressure you like they did McKenzie. Or they may try to shift the blame to you or minimize your injuries. At Crosley Law, we carefully investigate all your claims and help our clients fight back. If you or a loved one suffered injuries in a commercial vehicle accident, request a free consultation by completing our online form or calling us at 210-LAW-3000 | 210-529-3000.

The content provided here is for informational purposes only and should not be construed as legal advice on any subject.

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