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Donna’s Story

Head-On Motorcycle Crash Results in a Complex Injury Claim

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Donna was with her friend, Francis, on a motorcycle ride through Hill Country. As they enjoyed their ride, the unthinkable happened: a reckless driver veered into their lane and hit them head-on.

Donna was covered in cuts, road rash, and bruises from head to toe. She had severe back and foot pain. Her friend was also seriously injured. When the first responders arrived at the scene, they knew Donna needed immediate help for her traumatic injuries, so they took her to the airport and airlifted them to the hospital.

The At-Fault Driver Is Underinsured, Leaving Donna With an Uncertain Future

At the hospital, Donna’s doctors assessed her injuries. She had a severe compression fracture in her mid-back, three broken bones in her left foot, and bruises to her ribs, neck, and back. The force of the crash had shattered one of the sturdy bones in her mid-back, requiring kyphoplasty. During this surgery, doctors drilled into the damaged vertebral body and inflated a specialized balloon that returned that bone to its normal position. Then, they filled the space with a cement-like material that stabilizes the bone.

Even after Donna’s condition stabilized, she still lived with severe, chronic pain. Her doctors suggested an intensive schedule of pool-based therapy, hoping that this low-impact environment would help Donna rebuild her strength.

Unfortunately, as Donna worked hard to try and recover, she found out the at-fault driver was seriously underinsured. While there was no disputing liability, his auto insurance policy would never cover all her medical bills and other losses. Frustrated and uncertain of what to do, she and her friend called Crosley Law.

Crosley Law Identifies Multiple Insurance Policies That Cover Donna’s Injuries

The team at Crosley Law quickly put Donna’s mind at ease. Even though the at-fault driver had minimal insurance coverage, our team identified many other policies that covered Donna and her friend’s claims, including:

  • The at-fault driver’s liability policy
  • The owner of the vehicle’s liability policy
  • Donna’s uninsured and underinsured motorist (UM/UIM) policy
  • Her friend’s UM/UIM policy

We filed claims with every insurance company, documenting Donna’s losses, highlighting the indisputable facts of the case, and demanding fair compensation for her injuries. We were able to recover the coverage limits on each policy.

At the end of the case, Donna and Francis received settlements totaling $420,000 in compensation.

Crosley Law: Helping Victims Get the Compensation They Deserve

Crosley Law has earned a reputation for our aggressive legal strategies and commitment to our clients. We help victims identify all the insurance policies that cover their claims and then demand fair compensation for their injuries.

If you have been injured or lost a loved one in a car wreck, call Crosley Law today at 210-LAW-3000 | 210-529-3000 or fill out our brief contact form. We’ll set up your free consultation with one of our skilled personal injury attorneys.

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