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Karen’s Story

Losing a Profession Because of a Car Wreck

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Until a recent spring afternoon, Karen L. was at the top of her career as a full-time massage therapist at the Hyatt Hill Country Resort in San Antonio. She was enjoying all the success that came with years of hard work until someone else’s carelessness took away her livelihood.

The Car Accident

Karen was driving down a busy road in San Antonio when a vehicle pulled out in front of her.

“I had no time to brake. I couldn’t go to the left. I couldn’t go to the right,” explained Karen. “So, we collided.”

The intersection collision occurred at a high rate of speed and caused an impact strong enough to deploy the airbags in both vehicles. Karen sustained a number of injuries to her jaw, chest, ankle, and — most significantly — to her wrist, which was broken in two places.

After the car accident, Karen had surgery to align the broken bones in her wrist so it would heal properly. She visited the doctor dozens of times, went to follow-up appointments, and received physical therapy. She incurred $17,800 in medical bills and debt, and she even lost her well-paying, full-time job as a massage therapist due to her injury.

“It’s not just a broken wrist. It’s my occupation,” she said. “I need my hands.”

The at-fault driver was an executive-level employee driving a company-owned car. The driver and the company both initially denied their liability in the crash, which left Karen feeling overwhelmed and frustrated.

Karen needed an advocate to help her navigate the complicated legal system and get compensation for her mounting bills and lost future earnings. She turned to Tom Crosley at Crosley Law Firm.

A Complicated Car Wreck Case

“This was a life-changing injury for Karen,” said Tom Crosley, “both in how she lived her life and her ability to produce income through her chosen profession.”

After her original wrist injury healed, Karen had ongoing issues with range of motion, pain, and weakness. This made it impossible to keep her job as a massage therapist.

Karen’s case became further complicated a few months later when she was vacationing in Utah, fell, and broke her left wrist again.

“We had to prove that the first injury sustained in the car accident was the source of her pain, the cause of future issues like arthritis, and the reason for her loss of future income,” said Tom. “The second break was a little farther up from the first one and had a fine healing pattern. It was our contention that it would not cause future issues.”

Crosley Law hired professional experts to help determine a fair and just settlement for Karen. Both a medical doctor and economist were consulted to calculate Karen’s future medical and care needs and economic losses.

The economist did a market study for the average wage rate and career trajectory of full-time massage therapists, like Karen had been.

“The economist researched how many people achieve the type of success she had in the industry,” explained Tom. “Karen held one of the premier jobs at the highest income earning echelon of that profession.”

Crosley Law was able to prove to the liable company, their insurance provider, and the defense attorneys that their employee was driving negligently, causing the car crash that altered Karen’s life.

“The average case like Karen’s probably settles for less than $50,000,” said Tom Crosley. “My aim was to prove why Karen’s case was different, and deserving of a larger settlement. In the end, her case settled for $210,000 — nearly five times more than the typical broken wrist case.”

Crosley Law Firm: Your Advocates in Personal Injury Law

Karen was very happy with the work Crosley Law did for her, making her feel truly comfortable from the beginning to the end of the legal process. Her entire case with Crosley Law lasted 16 months.

“I’m so glad I hired them; they did wonders,” she said.

After winning a settlement, Karen aims to move forward in a career path that still uses her talents as a massage therapist. She will work with cancer patients to help with lymphatic drainage and aid the healing process by lightly massaging and touching affected areas.

“I’m still using my hands,” she said. “I’ll be helping people and I won’t be hurting.”

Working with Crosley Law Firm

If you or someone you love has sustained a life-altering injury from a car crash caused by someone else’s careless behavior, contact the attorneys at Crosley Law Firm. We aggressively pursue justice and compensation for the victims in car accidents. Call our offices today at (210) LAW-3000 or fill out our convenient online contact form so we can schedule your free consultation. We’ll listen to the details of your case and help you decide your best course of action.

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