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Elia’s Story

Righting a Wrong A Small Personal Injury Case with a Big Return

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Car accidents can have devastating effects on families. In 2013 alone, auto accidents in Texas killed more than 3,000, injured more than 200,000, and caused nearly $26 billion in economic losses. It can be difficult to find a place to turn when you find yourself suffering financial or medical hardships due to an auto accident. Just ask Elia L.

Elia and her 12-year-old granddaughter were rear-ended in rush hour traffic about three years ago. The driver fled the scene, and Elia went after him. He pulled over a few miles later.

The driver didn’t want Elia to call the police because he didn’t have a license and was driving a borrowed car. She called the police. He wanted her to lie to the police about who was driving the car when the incident occurred. She wouldn’t lie.


Calling the police and not lying were two of the most important actions Elia took that day. Aside from the fact that leaving the scene of an accident and lying to the police are both illegal, it was the first evidence she had in her case, and it shaped how her story would end.

The accident left Elia with neck, back, and shoulder injuries and her granddaughter with face and neck injuries with mounting medical bills. Elia’s car was also damaged, needing repairs.

Elia filed a claim with the car owner’s insurance company. Her claim was denied because the insurance policy excluded unlicensed drivers like the one who had hit her. Therefore, the insurance company felt they were not obligated to pay for Elia’s medical or car repair bills.

Getting Help

Elia was strapped for cash and running out of options. As a single mom, Elia was saving for her daughter’s college, paying for all her regular bills, and trying to keep up with daunting medical bills. It was too much to handle. So, she tried to find a personal injury lawyer.

“Nobody would take my case because it wasn’t an easy case,” said Elia. It was a “he said, she said” incident.

After she was turned away by a few firms and feeling a bit lost, she was referred to Crosley Law Firm, which changed the course of her claim.

“A lot of people think we are only interested in taking large cases,” said Tom Crosley. “Elia’s was a small case, but we took it because we like to take cases where we feel like we can make a difference.”

This case was not about the money or publicity for Crosley Law Firm. Purely and simply, “this was a case about righting a wrong and holding an insurance company and a bad driver accountable,” explained Crosley.

“This was a case about righting a wrong and holding an insurance company and a bad driver accountable,” explained Crosley.

Crosley Law Firm on the Case

Elia was impressed by the way her case was approached and thoroughly fought. “I felt valued more as a human being and not just a paycheck or customer,” said Elia.

This case went to court four times over the course of three years. The insurance company kept insisting they weren’t responsible and — according to Elia — “Mr. Crosley fought tooth and nail” to prove that they were.

Crosley Law Firm was able to prove negligent entrustment on the part of the car owner. The car owner knew the defendant didn’t have a license and let him borrow the vehicle anyway. Negligent entrustment holds the car owner (and his or her insurance company) responsible for other drivers’ conduct while operating the borrowed vehicle.

Elia won her case.

Elia cried tears of joy when she picked up her settlement check.

“Elia never thought she would have any satisfactory outcome out of this unfortunate incident,” said Crosley. “I’m proud of this case, not because of the amount in controversy, but because we righted a wrong and made a difference for somebody.”

Needless to say, Elia feels grateful to have a resolution and to be able to finally move on.

How the Crosley Law Firm Can Help You

If you or someone you know has been injured in a car crash, you need to contact Crosley Law Firm right away. Our qualified, experienced attorneys can provide you with free, helpful guidance about what your best course of action is after a collision, and if you decide to pursue legal action, Crosley Law Firm will help you get the justice and compensation you deserve.

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