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Brandy’s Story

Woman Working in Her Yard Is Run Over by Careless Motorist

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Crosley Law client Brandy C., an associate professor at a community college, was doing yard work with her teenage daughter on a mild Saturday in San Antonio, Texas. Her van was parked in a safe, legal place in front of her house. Out of nowhere, an SUV careened into the van and pushed it over the sidewalk, pinning Brandy beneath the van, and resulting in severe injuries, including:

  • A mild traumatic brain injury (MTBI)
  • A non-displaced fracture to her thoracic spine
  • Bone fractures to her clavicle, foot, ankle, wrist, and ribs
  • A punctured lung
  • Multiple abrasions and lacerations

Even after extensive surgery, Brandy suffered from scarring as well as long-lasting infirmities and disabilities that made it difficult to return to her job as an associate professor. Her conditions also required ongoing medical interventions.

Why Did This Horrific Crash Happen?

The driver of the SUV fell asleep at the wheel.

Crosley Law took on Brandy’s case and worked closely with experts in fields ranging from medicine to economics in order to determine how to translate the pain, suffering, and loss that Brandy had experienced into tangible monetary figures that could compensate her and her family as they adjusted to the challenging new life ahead of them.

Brandy had accumulated over $165,000 in past medical expenses as well as lost wages of $44,000. But she still required ongoing medical care and could no longer work full-time. Her projected future medical costs were $510,000, and if she continued to be unable to resume full-time work, then her lost earning capacity would also exceed $500,000.

But Brandy’s lead attorney Tom Crosley fought tirelessly, knowing she deserved more. Before the case went to trial, Crosley reached settlements totaling $2,550,000 for Brandy’s traumatic brain injury.

Crosley Law Firm Can Help You

It’s impossible to put a price tag on someone’s pain, suffering, and losses. While Brandy’s settlement helped to provide financial security, she will never be the same as she navigates through the reality of her long-term disabilities. No one could have predicted this is the path her life would have taken — because someone else’s carelessness changed her life forever.

If you or someone you know has been injured or even lost a loved one as a result of someone else’s negligent behavior, call Crosley Law Firm. We offer free consultations so we can listen to the details of your story and provide you with candid advice about what your best course of action is. Call (210) 354-4500 or fill out our convenient online contact form today.

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