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At Crosley Law Firm, we are intimately familiar with tragedy. From catastrophic vehicle wrecks to children suffering from dental malpractice, we have seen and sought to provide some relief for those who have been injured or lost loved ones because of others’ negligence or wrongdoing.

Despite regularly encountering so much tragedy, we firmly believe that law is a vehicle for positive change in our society. It’s why we work so tirelessly on behalf of our clients.

On Monday, November 14, we filed a wrongful death lawsuit on behalf of the family of Robert “Bobby” Cornish who was killed by a distracted driver. He is survived by his pregnant wife and two daughters.

This lawsuit is about effecting change. We want to send a message to everyone that texting while driving is not just a momentary lapse in judgement — it’s a lethal act that puts your life and the lives of others in immediate danger.

In concert with pursuing this lawsuit pro bono, we are also advocating for new legislation, “Bobby’s Law,” that will ban texting while driving throughout the state of Texas. Texas is one of only four states in the U.S. without such a ban in place, and we hope that from this tragedy, positive changes will arise to increase awareness about this important issue and improve the safety of everyone on Texas roadways.

To view and read more about the legislation filed on Monday, you can visit the website of News 4 San Antonio.

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