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A Cyclist Loses His Life in a Truck Wreck: Wayne C.’s Story

Written by Tom Crosley
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  1. 1. A Careful Investigation Identifies the Real Causes of the Crash
  2. 2. Wayne’s Family Finally Settles for Over $1 Million
  3. 3. Crosley Law: Fighting for Crash Victims in San Antonio

A Cyclist Loses His Life in a Truck Wreck

Wayne was a respected San Antonio lawyer and an experienced cyclist. He had committed to daily training sessions in preparation for the MS 150 Bike to the Beach, a two-day ride that supports multiple sclerosis research. One morning, he was 20 minutes into his ride when an 18-wheeler passed him. The tractor-trailer made a wide turn at the next intersection—veering left and then turning right into a quarry’s private drive.

The truck struck Wayne in the middle of the intersection. He died from his injuries almost immediately.

The only surviving witness was the truck driver, who pinned the blame on Wayne. He told the police officer that Wayne had run a stop sign and the driver could not stop in time. Even though the trucker was driving without a valid commercial driver’s license, the police officer believed him. The driver never received a ticket or faced criminal charges.

Wayne had been the sole breadwinner for his wife and children. He was also a beloved father, son, and husband—the kind who spent most of his free time with his family and wrote his children heartfelt letters. His family’s losses were profound.

A Careful Investigation Identifies the Real Causes of the Crash

Initially, the family retained a different lawyer. In addition to filing a lawsuit against the trucking company and its driver, they also filed claims against the quarry, asserting that the company violated its duty to make its driveway reasonably safe for vehicles and cyclists. However, after years of negotiation and litigation, the insurance companies continued to blame Wayne for the crash and refused to offer a reasonable settlement.

That’s when Wayne’s family turned to Tom Crosley for help. Tom immediately got to work, reviewing documents, consulting with experts, and interviewing people who knew Wayne as a cyclist. His investigation uncovered several significant facts:

  • During its post-crash investigation, the San Antonio Police Department identified 21 safe violations on the 18-wheeler, including a non-functioning right turn signal, cracked axles, and defective brakes. Authorities ordered the truck out of service because it could not be safely operated on the road.
  • The trucker’s driver’s license had been revoked due to past traffic violations.
  • Wayne was biking in a designated bike lane, and there were multiple road signs telling motorists to look out for cyclists.
  • The driveway to the quarry turning into was unreasonably narrow, and the driver had to make an incredibly wide right turn to enter the facility.
  • Wayne had a reputation for being a responsible and cautious cyclist. Many people within the cycling community doubted that he would ignore a stop sign and were willing to testify.

Crosley Law also consulted with numerous experts, including an accident reconstructionist who determined that the truck driver had clear visibility and should have had enough time to avoid the collision.

Tom was convinced that Wayne had stopped at the stop sign and entered the intersection because the truck’s non-operational right turn signal failed to warn him of the driver’s planned turn. He was determined to prove that the truck’s poor maintenance and an irresponsible driver had caused Wayne’s death.

Tom comments:

“Those responsible would like to call this an accident. But if you look at the details, this was no accident. This was a driver who shouldn’t have been behind the wheel at all, driving a truck with cracked axles and bad brakes. The only surprise is that this ‘accident’ didn’t happen sooner.”

Wayne’s Family Finally Settles for Over $1 Million

As part of his investigation, Tom Crosley consulted with an economist who calculated Wayne’s lifetime of lost wages, noting that many attorneys work well beyond traditional retirement age. Combined with pain and suffering damages and the family’s profound emotional losses, it became clear that a jury award would likely exceed the trucking company’s $1 million policy limit if the family won at trial.

The firm aggressively negotiated with the insurance companies, even providing pictures of Wayne and his children to emphasize the impact of the family’s loss. The trucking company finally agreed to pay the family the full policy limits, and the quarry operator added $75,000 to the settlement. After paying their attorney’s fees and costs, Wayne’s wife, children, and mother received $638,042.70.

“Wayne was devoted to his family, and his life was needlessly taken,” notes Tom. “I was honored to help his family hold those responsible for his death accountable and give them some closure.”

Crosley Law: Fighting for Crash Victims in San Antonio

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