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Catastrophic Personal Injury

10 Strategies That Will Help You Navigate a Brain Injury Lawsuit

Feb 18, 2021

Personal injury claims can feel overwhelming, even without a traumatic brain injury. However, a TBI adds an unwanted layer of difficulty to your case: memory loss, word-finding issues, and other symptoms can make a lawsuit feel impossible. Don’t give up. Instead, start taking little steps that help you regain control. At Crosley Law, we’ve earned […]

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Your Guide To Texas Rollover Crash Claims

Feb 15, 2021

The aftereffects from a large truck rollover accident can be extensive and potentially devastating. When a large truck like a semi or delivery van is involved in a crash, the damage can extend beyond just the commercial driver and their vehicle – and the results may be severe. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), 71% of people killed in large truck crashes in 2018 were the occupants of other vehicles.  Or take it from the Insurance […]

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Delayed Neck Pain After a Car Accident: What It Means 

Dec 09, 2020

At first, you didn’t think the car wreck was that bad. The driver behind you was texting and driving, and because they weren’t paying attention, they rammed their vehicle into the back of your car. Your head snapped back and forth upon impact, but other than that seemingly minor injury, you walked away from the […]

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What Is a Personal Injury Claim? (And Other Frequently Asked Questions)

Nov 12, 2020

While you’ve probably heard the phrases “personal injury claim” and “personal injury lawyer” before, you may only have a general understanding of what they mean. Sure, they arise out of an injury, but what does a personal injury lawyer do, and what do these claims involve? At Crosley Law, we’re passionate about personal injury law. […]

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Herniated Disc Settlements: What Is My Case Worth in Texas?

Nov 04, 2020

Herniated discs. Bulging discs. Slipped discs. There are many names for this common, crash-related injury, but no matter what you call it, the effects can be life-altering. If you’ve suffered a severe spine injury and the insurance company offers you a settlement, you should consult a car accident attorney. Insurance adjusters frequently try to take […]

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8 Questions You Should Ask Your Brain Injury Lawyer

Oct 13, 2020

When someone’s negligence causes your brain injury, you deserve accountability and compensation. Often, the first step towards getting the help you deserve is finding the right brain injury lawyer. Here in San Antonio, the Crosley Law team has earned a reputation for a cutting-edge and client-focused approach to brain injury claims. We know how difficult it […]

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How Much Do Accident Attorneys Cost?

Oct 08, 2020

After a catastrophic accident, your finances can feel very uncertain, especially if you cannot work. Personal injury attorneys know this, and most won’t charge you a fee unless they recover money on your behalf. However, many crash victims are still nervous about the cost of hiring a lawyer, and some victims even try to handle […]

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What Should I Bring to a Meeting With an Injury Lawyer?

Oct 05, 2020

Many injured people feel stressed before they meet with a lawyer for the first time. This feeling is normal — maybe you’ve never worked with a lawyer before, so it’s a new experience. And, you’re most likely experiencing a lot of stress and anxiety in general after suffering a serious injury. Don’t worry! Any good […]

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What to Expect During Discovery in a Lawsuit

Oct 05, 2020

After a serious car crash or another incident, you need answers and compensation for your injuries. To get the justice you deserve, you’ll need to identify who caused your injuries and the extent of their reckless behavior. This isn’t an easy job, but you have powerful legal tools that can help. Discovery gives you access to evidence, […]

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Does Mediation Mean Settlement? (And Other FAQs)

Sep 11, 2020

Statistically, more personal injury cases settle than go to trial. However, negotiating a settlement is more complicated than making a couple phone calls. At Crosley Law, we carefully investigate our clients’ cases, calculate their damages, and build compelling arguments for their fair compensation. Many times, mediation is part of the settlement process. While you may have heard […]

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Do Most Personal Injury Claims Settle Out of Court?

Aug 18, 2020

While many personal injury claims settle out of court and prior to a trial, that doesn’t mean you can count on a fair settlement offer. In some instances, the defendant’s insurance company will eventually offer a reasonable and satisfactory settlement. But in many cases, this only happens because the victim hires an experienced personal injury […]

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Living With a TBI: A Guide for Survivors and Their Loved Ones

Aug 06, 2020

It may only take a few weeks to recover from a mild concussion. However, most people with moderate or severe TBIs face a lifetime of challenges. We’ve worked with many TBI survivors, and we know that every brain injury is different. At Crosley Law, we never lump every survivor into a single bucket. We take […]

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