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Crosley Law Firm Reaches Settlement for Hand Amputation Victims at Commercial Bakery

Written by Tom Crosley
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In 2014, Crosley Law Firm, PC reached a confidential settlement for an undisclosed amount against Lone Star Bakery in two separate hand amputation cases. Pete Gonzales and Erik Salgado, the plaintiffs, were injured in March and May of 2011, respectively. Two different machines at Lone Star Bakery caused the damage and resulted in severe injury to the left hands of both men.

A non-subscriber under state workers’ compensation laws, Lone Star Bakery was also short-staffed at the time of both these accidents after losing 200 of its 500 workers in connection with a recent U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement inspection. In addition to the added pressure to maintain production levels thrust upon these men, the plaintiffs also alleged that Lone Star Bakery failed to implement and adhere to basic safety measures that could have prevented these accidents. Director of Forensic Engineering for Ryan Engineering, Inc., Russ Rasnic, PE, testified that the injuries to the victims could have been avoided if certain safety measures were put into place before proceeding with production.

The claims were handled in binding arbitration before the American Arbitration Association, and Crosley Law Firm was able to reach a settlement for these two men that compensated them for the costs of injuries, future medical care, mental and physical anguish, and loss of income – both now and in the future.

“We are pleased with the outcome of this case and believe that the two claimants involved were adequately compensated for the injuries and anguish suffered. While they will never regain complete use of their hands and their lives have been forever altered, the settlement reached will help provide a better quality of life for these men and their families,” remarked Tom Crosley, lead attorney in this case.


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